Rush Hour and I are not friends....

Buying a house for us meant moving outside the city where things were slightly less outrageous in price.  I was fine with it since it would mean that I didn't have to take public transportation anymore (not a fan of other people sweating on me) but this whole rush hour traffic thing sucks.

While sitting in my car driving home today I realized that I spend $110 and 11.5 hours driving to get to work each week.  That is almost $450/month and over 40 hours in driving - that's a whole additional work week!

Oh how I envy those of you who have a short commute; or gasp - work from home.

What is your commute like?

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  1. I work from home so I can't really add much to the discussion. However, I once read that New Yorkers have some of the longest commutes in the US, but that they are also the happiest with their commutes. Just based on this (and from my personal experience), I tend to think that most people would be happy with longer commutes just as long as the public transportation system is efficient, easily accessible, and affordable.

  2. I'm from the Boston area so I know too well what you're talking about. It's unbelievable just how bad some of the roads here can be! My commute right now is about 35 minutes all back roads and not much 'traffic' (unless you count the freight train that sometimes stopped me dead for 10 full minutes) ... but my husband? his is 5 minutes. So jealous.

  3. I take transit and it takes about 20 mins door to door. Would take the same amount of time if I walked though. So yeah, I guess I could walk to work.

    I would kill to work from home (or not work at all haha).

  4. That sucks! I live in a city of about 50,000. I live across town from my job, but my commute takes about 10 minutes (less, if there isn't much traffic). Many people here (myself included sometimes) go home for lunch hour, which can be really convenient.

  5. Good *Lord* I sympathize -- or at least, used to. My previous job's commute was ~ 14 miles (South Jersey to right outside Philly) that took anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours each. freaking. way.

    After two years of that, I fully feel I've earned my ~ 3 miles (each way) drive -- which will actually shrink ever so slightly to 2.7 miles if all goes as planned with our new home!

  6. gosh, that's a lot. I commute into Seattle, so I totally feel you.

    The calculations make me wonder, though. With an extra $450 per month (for commuting), perhaps the cost of a place in the city would even out?