Dad to the Rescue : Upstairs Built-Ins

Remember this photo?

Those doors that didn't close?
Well, my dad came to the rescue -

Oh yeah - check out that flush-ness (I think I made that word up).
Honestly, I was painting the kitchen while he was upstairs fixing the doors so I can't detail everything that happened, but I know all the doors were off at one point and outside being cut down.  He stripped off the 90 years of paint build-up so that the doors could actually lie flush against the wall; and cut off some deformities from warping, etc.

He used my little circular saw:

and a upside down rubbermaid tub as a bench.

He's crafty.  If it were me there would be a giant gash (or 7) in the rubbermaid tub from the saw, and we would be out at least 2 doors.

But my dad is nothing if not a perfectionist - he decided to replace all the latches on the doors as well.
They originally had these magnetic ones - they had lost their magnetism due to layers upon layers of paint -

He replaced them with these -

Are they fancy? Nope -
Do they work? Sure do -
Are they inexpensive? Yup -

I lined the shelves with some shelf liner from Home Depot (it's like contact paper, except not sticky, and a little cushiony).  I think it was around $7.50/roll and I used 2 rolls.

And put all our random crap belongings into photo boxes to keep it a little more organized.

They still need some touch-ups but I think its a VAST improvement for the $25 we spent.


  1. Great job! Hurray for functional storage (and, I LOVE built-ins!I think I need to get one of those fasteners for our laundry chute's door. Our cat opens the door all the time and I am afraid he will fall down it one of these days!

  2. Yay for organization! The built-ins look much better when they actually close :)

  3. Awesome! Your dad rocks and I LOVE your liner paper :)

  4. Your dad is incredible, Chelsey! Cake stand builder, built-in fixer, and father to one insanely talented & artistic daughter! I am kind of in love with your family!