It's true - we're having a BABY!

If you missed it - we're having a baby!

How it all started :
We decided we would open the baby-making gates after our birthdays in the end of September. I turned 27 and my husband turned 29 which seemed like a good age to have our first child. We have been together since high school so we felt we knew each other pretty well, had just celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary in August, bought a house a year and a half ago and well, the timing just seemed right. We were very lucky to get our wish right away (I’m not a very patient person anyways) and on Halloween got the first inclination that we might be expecting. The line on the test was very faint and I couldn’t focus all day trying to decide whether it in fact was a ‘trick or a treat’ (pun intended, HA). I busted out the ‘it couldn’t be more obvious pregnant or not pregnant digital test’ and on 11.1.11 (which I figured was a perfect start) we found out that indeed we are going to have a baby!
Disclaimer: I fully admit that I kept peeing on sticks until our first doctor's appointment at 7 weeks, just to make sure that our little baby was still in there. Not every day, but definately every 2-3.
The 1st Trimester :
Thankfully I haven’t had the terrible morning sickness that everyone thinks about when you hear ‘pregnant’. I do get quite feisty when I get hungry and if you stand between me and food at this time, watch out. I feel like I eat a lot more often, but get full much faster.
On the other hand, I’ve been sleeping a lot – I think more than I’ve ever slept before. I can and will nap anywhere at any time; I fall asleep during 10 minute car rides or after 5 minutes of sitting on the couch. Seriously, I’ve never felt so drained in my entire life. I at 13 weeks I do feel a tiny bit of my energy coming back and I’m crossing my fingers for that 2nd trimester energy burst everyone raves about.
I also have a bionic sense of smell right now, I swear I can smell delicous buttery popcorn from a mile away. This has been great for tracking down delicious food when hungry, but all the yucky smells are also greatly magnified.  This has unfortunately triggered an impressive gag reflex. Opening a dishwasher full of dirty dishes is my worst nightmare right now, it’s bad, really bad. But I also gag even when I *think* things smell bad even if they don’t. Our dog was spitting up water (no food, completely clear) the other day and I started gagging every time I tried to clean it up. Eventually I just threw a paper towel over it and waited for hubs to get home because I just couldn’t deal –
One Hormonal Rant :
Also, just as a heads up to others when someone tells you they are having a baby DO NOT ask if it was an ‘accident’, or if it was ‘intentional’. For starters, it is really none of your business and to top it off, it doesn’t really matter – we just told you we are having a baby, it’s happening whether it was an ‘accident’ or not.  If you are now wondering, this baby was absolutely NOT an accident, we had a plan and just because you weren’t aware of our plan doesn’t mean the plan didn’t exist. Lastly, we have been together for almost 12 years now – if an ‘accident’ was going to happen I’m sure it would’ve happened long before now. Don’t ask if the baby was an accident unless you want raging pregnancy hormones jumping down your throat.
The 'but I didn't think you wanted kids' comment is a close second. Just because I wasn't obviously baby obsessed in your presence and volunteer to hold your kid and change his diapers doesn't mean that we don't want kids. Once again, even if this was true it doesn't matter now because we just told you we are HAVING A BABY.   Keep your snarky comments to yourself please.
xo, the pregnant girl


HELLO 2012!

Everyone has been posting their New Years resolutions lately, most include loosing weight, eating better and excersizing more.  While I'm definately trying to eat healthier, this is the first year (in probably my whole life) that my goal has not been to loose weight, and it feels SO good.  While I'm not necessarily trying to gain weight, it is likely to be inevitable because....

We are absolutely thrilled and I can't wait to share our journey with you -
I haven't gotten over the 1st trimester exhaustion yet, but I promise to post more details tomorrow.

*And yes, our baby already owns boat shoes....