Pause for a Photo....

Can we discuss how cute my niece is?

She's rock'n the side-bow, a girl after my own heart.
And I get to walk down the aisle with her at a wedding this month.  That means she's my arm candy and I'm SUPER excited about it.


Giveaway Winner!

We have a winner! Congratulations to #29 E @ Oh!Apostrophe.

Sorry to everyone else, but if you are still in need of a Valentine's day card they can be purchased from my Etsy shop HERE.

Latest Color Obsession - Newburg Green

This color needs to go somewhere in our house.
Maybe my office?

I see white rooms everywhere on the internet and love them, but then I see rooms like this and fall in love with color all over again.  I'm convinced this is why people have more than one house. 
My summer house will be white.

both images from White Blossom


A Valentine's Day Giveaway!

Fresh off the presses, 2011 Valentine’s Day card by 4th&Folded with coordinating envelope.

The card reads:

*When we first met I had no idea you would mean so much to me*

Perfect for a friend or loved one, this limited edition Valentine's day card is printed on a flat A7 card on 100% Cotton, 110# Crane Lettra. The coordinating envelope comes with a printed liner made up of the word "Love" in many different languages.


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And sadly, if you don’t win – the card can be found on my Etsy shop here.


You don't CLEAN, you CLEAN UP.

First, let me preface this by saying I am 100% appreciative of everything my husband does. He is usually the one to cook dinner and go grocery shopping and I am very grateful to have dinner ready (or almost ready) when I get home from work. If I’m working through dinner, which I usually am, he will bring my dishes out to the kitchen and load them in the dish washer when we are done.

So here comes the gripe, he always tells people that he is the one that cleans, and that he is always picking up after me.
But darling, you don’t CLEAN, you CLEAN UP. Yes, you often take my dishes out to the kitchen or put my water glass in the dishwasher, and as much as I love the help, it’s not ‘cleaning’. Cleaning is when you wash the floors, scrub the bathrooms, wipe down the cabinets, clean the inside of the fridge, etc. It involves rubber gloves and chemicals and various scrubbing/washing accouterments, none of which you have ever wielded.

I love you but you don’t clean. You CLEAN-UP.

Anyone else’s husband think he ‘cleans’?


On Childhood Toys....

Just a few things before the weekend....

A) I loved all your responses to this post.  I had Kirsten, who apparently they don't sell anymore.  She had a custom made 4-post bed with curtains to protect her from the winter chill in Maine and flannel sheep sheets.  One day I took her braids out and then immediately regretted it as she never looked the same.  She still resides in Maine with my other childhood BFFs, Edith Amelia (my cabbage patch doll) and oodles of barbies.  They are all living it up in my parents attic, just like what was supposed to happen in Toy Story 3.  As a little side story, my barbies completely had it made.  They had a HUGE barbie mansion with three levels, complete with jacuzzi tub and tennis courts.  For transporation they had their choice of a delightful vintage pink Rolls Royce convertable or berry pink 2-door hardtop Jeep, I mean we did live in Maine and the Rolls wasn't that great for off-roading with Ken.  Speaking of Ken, I only had one and he had to date ALL the girls, so I guess Ken was really the one that had it made.

B) My girl Maddie started her own blog.  You should probably check it out if you haven't already :)

What were your favorite childhood toys?  Do you or your parents still have them?


Weekend Shopping Adventures....

I stayed at work late on Friday because of terrible traffic. (It was either sit at my office, or sit in traffic).

I may have had a mini-online shopping spree.

I ordered these stools. 

And only now just realized I ordered the wrong height....so back they will go, *hopefully* it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg to exchange them.

And I also bought this light for the dining room, except with a natural linen shade.

I cannot wait to have something other than builder-grade fixtures in our house.  It will be a happy day for sure.

I also went to HomeGoods this weekend to look for bedside lamps for the guest bedroom.  I didn't come home emptyhanded (wouldn't know what that felt like) but also didn't come home with lamps.  I did find the most amazing and snuggle-y blanket ever.  I cannot describe it as anything else...

It's the Northpoint Sapphire Sherpa blanket.  It's softer than babies.

My friend K bought a cape...or capelet...we cannot decide.  It looks like this:

10 Points if you can name the doll.

My Irrational Fears....

Sometimes I have a rather wild imagination.

Last night I couldn’t fall asleep because I decided I would have no idea what I would do if the following situation were to occur.
I am babysitting an obese toddler and I HAVE to go grocery shopping, I put him in the cart and his weight causes the cart to topple over immediately snapping his femurs in half. (FYI, I don’t babysit, I don’t know any obese toddlers, and I rarely go to the grocery store). Right now I’m terrified to put any type of baby in a cart. If/when we have kids I will likely have to have my groceries delivered via PeaPod, or fill up the cart with heavy items before I put said baby in to balance out the weight. I’m pretty sure if this were possible it would have happened to someone already, and I would’ve heard about it, and since I haven’t it seems quite impossible, but still logical enough to keep me awake at night.

Other fears perpetually running through my mind are :

- Falling and knocking out all my teeth.  

- Laying on my stomach on the floor with my toes curled under me (like I was going to do a push-up) and having someone step on the back of my foot inverting all my toes and having them all break at once.

- Being in a terrible accident where my right hand had to be amputated. Would I use a left-handed mouse? Would I keep the standard mouse so that I wasn’t inept at using other people’s computers, and just move it to the left side? Most importantly, how would I shave my right armpit? What if I wasn’t married? Would I have to hire someone as my armpit shaver? How much would you pay that person? Do I just have one hairy arm-pit all the time?

So many questions, so little time.


I'd like to introduce you to someone....

I'd like you all to meet our little girl.
Her name isn't 100% confirmed, well, it was until we met her today and realized her mom has the same name we were going to use for her.
#Puppy owner fail.

For now, she is Miss Madison Thayer Brennan, aka "Maddie", and she is three weeks old, born December 16th.

I got oodles of puppy kisses from this tongue.
I think they had just eaten, because she was all yawns.


She's not fat, just 'well fed' :)
I'm thinking she's going to need her own site.  What do you think?


2011 Home Task List

Here is what you have to look forward to in terms of home improvement on this blog in 2011.

My 2011 Home Task List -


Paint blue window trim.
Add grilles to windows.
Paint front door black.
Buy & install front door knocker.
Paint side door black.
Install whale door knocker.
Paint shutters black.
Replace house numbers.
Buy & install a new mailbox, or mail slot.
Paint front storm door black.
Build a deck off the family room.
Widen and lengthen the driveway.
Front yard landscaping.
Plant an herb garden.
Rear yard landscaping.
Power-wash & waterseal the fence.
Replace front & side lights.
Install box frames under chair rail in dining room.
Install crown molding in dining room.
Paint dining room.
Paint road-side Hutch.
Paint Craig’s List furniture.
Paint kitchen cabinets white.
Install new slate countertops.
Install new undermount sink.
Install new tile backsplash.
Build & install cabinets for the butler’s pantry.
Remove old laminate, and install new butcherblock countertop in butler's pantry.
Install crown molding in kitchen and above cabinets.
Remove built-in shelving from guest bedroom.
Paint guest bedroom.
Buy lamps for nightstands in guest bedroom.
Re-upholster Craig’s List chairs.
Remove and replace fish tiles in the shower.
Hang artwork & photos.
Make headboard for guest bed.
Buy stools for kitchen island.
Replace contractor grade light fixtures throughout the house.
Paint 'goldness' on fireplace insert.
Come up with a more permenant solution for the TV area.
Some how separate the dining room from the front entrance.
Hang curtains and shades in the dining room.
Hang remaining curtain over kitchen sink.

It's going to be a good (and busy) year.