Happy Birthday & A Gift Request

It's my birthday today.  I'm so very hopeful about what this year will bring (fingers crossed that includes a regularly updated blog).  I also have some very exciting things on the horizon that I cannot wait to share (!).  I feel so happy and fufilled with my life right now that I wanted to take a minute and ask for a favor for a friend who's life was upturned from her happy a few weeks ago.

The long-time boyfriend of one of my best friends was diagnosed with cancer on a few weeks ago. He went to get his wisdom teeth out and they realized his blood pressure was absurdly high and refused to do the wisdom teeth. So, he went to the ER. They were confused by it since he's young (27) and it was so high. He stayed overnight but was let out with an appointment to follow up with his regular doctor. His doctor received the results that showed he had high levels of the hormone a particular tumor expels. The doctor sent him for an ultrasound, they saw a softball size tumor on his adrenal gland, sent him for a CT scan to confirm mass and then sent him back to the ER.  He was admitted, they ran more and more tests, then it was confirmed that the tumor is in fact malignant and has spread to lungs.

It's a malignant Pheochromocytoma tumor, a one in a million chance. It is beyond rare, and unfortunately, that means there isn't a lot known about it.  The doctors have removed all of the tumor they could find, however James still has to undergo chemotherapy treatments. 

You can read more about the situation here: http://thejamesquigleyfund.org/ and make a donation if you like.  I would consider it a birthday gift, a really great birthday gift.  If you choose to make a donation, whether it be $1 or $10, shoot me and email at chelsey@fourthandfolded.com with your mailing address and I will personally send you a Thank You note.  A real one, on paper (nice paper), through the mail with a stamp and everything :)

Thank You!