Today we will become first time home owners....

We are closing today!!!!! (I already deleted like 7 exclamation points, that's how excited I am).
I've got my signing hand ready, champagne chilling*, and the address to the closest Benjamin Moore location** programmed into the GPS.
It's going to be a long, exhausting but exhilarating weekend.

*We are closing at 9 AM, mimosas are completely appropriate right?
**1.74 miles away, get ready to be my BFF Mr. Paint Guy


Packing is Not Fun...

What we (me and my mom) did this weekend:

A rundown of my week:

Monday : Work/Copious Amounts of Laundry to Clean /Answer Emails & Send Proofs for Approval

Tuesday : Work/Pack Copious Amounts of Laundry that should be Clean /Answer Emails & Send Proofs for Approval/take 16 million bags of trash and other things we didn’t want to move down to the street to be picked up Wed. AM by the garbage guy (he is going to HATE us)*

Wednesday : Work/Pack any and all remaining items (food, bathroom supplies, work clothes)/ Pack Car with Cleaning Supplies and 1st round of essentials for the New House / Answer Emails & Send Proofs for Approval

Thursday : Walk-through at 7:30 AM/Closing at 9 /(insert relaxing lunch here)/Clean EVERYTHING/Pin-Up Paint Chips for initial reaction and to be able to monitor throughout the day/1-2 Rounds of Loading-Moving-Unloading with our cars *still sleeping at apartment* BUT we are officially Homeowners at this point!!

Friday : pick up U-Haul @ 8AM, rally friends to help with the heavy lifting /load large items (beds/couch/chairs/dressers/desk/shelving units/grill/outdoor furniture) and any other boxes that fit**/Load other cars and SUV’s with additional boxes, repeat as necessary/Cross-fingers we are done….sleep at new house hopefully on a bed.

Saturday : (Yay for friends with trucks) : More Boxes to Move / Clean apartment and do one final walk-through to make sure we got everything / Collapse in Exhaustion with a Margarita in Hand.

Sunday : Sleep / Retail Therapy (washer-dryer combo and paint) / Paint and Relax / Unpack the essentials (we probably won’t unpack everything until we get everything painted)

Monday : *yay* for Monday holiday’s / Keep painting and start planning projects for the new HOUSE!

Posting will be light due to lack of internet and upside-downness of my life.

*We are donating a ton of stuff too – don’t worry.
**I will NOT be driving the truck.


If the outside isn't Navy, the inside will be....

Since I probably wont be able to convince the boy that our house needs to be navy blue; I'm pushing for some accent walls in the kitchen.  Not the whole kitchen, I think that would be overwhelming - just a few 'special' walls.  With lots of white to offset it -

I'm a little scared it will make the room feel smaller, but hopefully it wont be too bad since the is quite a bit of light, the cabinets will be all white and we aren't painting all the walls.  What do you think?

Do you have any dark paint colors in your house?

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A Silvery Blue Oasis....

I'm thinking I really want a silvery blue gray bedroom oasis.
Classy but comfy.
And I'm kind of dying for these chairs.  Although I probably wouldn't put them in our bedroom.

We already have this duvet cover: (from BB&B Hotel Collection), 620 thread count = amazing.
Which will be offset by our black bed - (which I bought a long time ago but we haven't been able to use yet - I'm so excited we will finally have a BED, not just a mattress and box spring!)  It's like we are grown-ups .... or something :)

What color is your bedroom?



A mudroom love affair....

We have a mudroom; although its not nearly as large as these:

I'm also loving the black door.

I predict more built-ins in our future (albeit on a much smaller scale) ;)

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Painting hardwood floors?

Typically I'm all about natural hardwood floors and cringe at the thought of painting them.
But this makes me completely reconsider.

It also makes me want to paint the inside of our cabinets.
Would you ever paint your hardwood floors?



Monday AM Office Inspiration....

A little office inspiration for your Monday morning :

Things I am loving:
  • Built in bookcases
  • Vibrant colors
  • Office that is still a bedroom
  • In-laid cork board
  • Roman shades......I see a roman shade DIY project in the near future.
What would be in your ideal office?



A Cozy Kitchen Nook....

Loving this breakfast nook - it's so cozy feeling.
And the built-in bench? Yes please!

Note to self : Plant Hydrangea Bushes



GREIGE is the new pink....

If I had to pick another color I'm currently obsessed with (besides Navy) it would be greige.  Greige is what happens when grey and beige get together and make babies.  And they are quite lovely babies if I may say so myself.

It all started many manicures ago, when I fell for OPI's You Don't Know Jacques -

It's not beige, but its warm like beige.

Ralph Lauren, Forde Abbey

It's not grey, but it's chic like grey.
Okay, well this one is grey, but I still love it.

Sherwin-Williams's, Requisite Gray

Sherwin-Williams's, Mega Greige

 Behr, Squirrel 

 How do you feel about greige?  Have you found any particular greys/greiges that you love?

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My Obsession with Navy Continues....

I'm kind of dying to paint our house Navy Blue.
Those of you who saw our wedding probably aren't surprised given my obsession with the color Navy.
Don't tell the boy yet - I'm not sure he'll be on board, but generally things this serious need to be carefully approached so he thinks it was his idea :)
What color is your house?  What color would you paint it if you had a choice?

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A Summer Love...

Kind of completely in love with these.

They remind me of picking strawberries with my mom.

And would make a fabulous housewarming gift (hint hint).

From Jayson Home & Garden ($20-$38)


Moving Help (the easy kind)

Things have been crazy lately!  #1 time suck = thinking about paint colors and online furniture shopping for the new house.  I started packing this weekend and have way more boxes than I thought I would considering how much I actually packed (not a lot).  I also disassembled the dining room table, took down all our artwork/pictures and spackled the walls where there were nail holes.  SO the walls were completely bare, the rug was rolled up and there were tons of boxes in the dining room and it took the boy 5 minutes to notice.  I'm pretty sure a blind person would have noticed sooner - he never ceases to amaze me.

Anyways, in preparation for our big move I worked on some 'We've Moved' announcements -

Which one would you choose?  Or which one would you rather receive?

(please don't stalk the people at the above address, it's not ours :) )