I have a new Love...

I have a new love.
Her name is Grace.
She is a 7 week old Lab/Weimaraner mix.

She was recently rescued from a kill shelter in NY and is looking for her forever home.
I'm dying to go get her.

Please comment below to convince my husband we have to go get her ASAP.


My Week in Bullet Points....

1. I hurt my knee a week ago. It popped while I was trying to finagle myself into my seat on the plane flying back from Philly. Edited version: I rotated my body {and 60lbs of luggage trying to squeeze by unmoving person in the aisle seat trying to get into my window seat with both carry-ons since I board Zone 4 (Steerage) and all overhead compartment space was full} and my knee did not rotate. There was a loud pop, a burning feeling and some tears welling up in my eyes. I refuse to admit that my knee is busted – I feel that it should heal on its own. However, it’s been a week now and it’s still not right. If my body cannot repair itself I fear this means I’m getting old….and that’s just not going to happen – therefore, I will tell you I’m fine and please don’t call me out on my limp.

2. I cleaned my desk at work. My desk is ALWAYS covered with drawings, samples, etc. and although I really DO know where everything is under there (the outward appearance may be deceiving) I did not know these were under there.

Yes, 10 knives – which would have been 11, but I used one yesterday. I’m not sure why I’ve been secretly hoarding these. Apparently by the time lunch rolls around I’m too hungry to bother cutting my food. I also found 4 sharpies.

3. I’ve been dreaming about curtains. And paint. And built-ins (per normal).

4. We have 28 days until we move. I’m dreading packing. I’ve made friends with the janitorial/maintenance staff and they have been loading me up with boxes. They don’t speak English all that well and I’m pretty sure they are quite concerned about me. I get excited about these boxes like addicts get excited about crack. Besides the clear delight on my face my eyes get large and I’m all “OOH can I get it right now? Do you have any more? How big is it? Is it like really big? When do you think you will have more?”….if I was an addict these are what I would consider standard questions for my dealer.

5. A special lady gave me 4 cupcakes on Monday. I did not bring them home to share with my husband; I’m probably a terrible wife but you must understand they looked delicious and I did not want to give any of them up. Yes, I’m definitely a terrible wife…but at least I’m a fat and happy terrible wife. Besides, he has his RedSox ice cream in the freezer and gives me the evil eyes whenever I venture toward it. I’m doing him a favor by sparing him my ‘don’t you touch that’ eyes.

Speaking of cupcakes, I’m starving.


I've Mastered Week 1 of the C25K....

I’ve totally mastered week 1 of the C25K. I’m pretty sure I’ve done it like 8 times now. I somehow rarely get around to week 2, and almost never venture into the practically unchartered territory of week 3. But week 1, I’ve got that down. Maybe I’ll start up again soon, since I’m sitting here thinking about how I want to unbutton my pants* to regain circulation to the lower half of my body.
The problem that I have is that my power of rationalization greatly exceeds my desire to be skinny. In the name of full disclosure I should mention that I am writing this while eating a red velvet cupcake….for breakfast…at 8 in the morning. I figure the frosting is cream cheese anyways (it’s basically like a bagel, except probably with less carbs) and there are nuts on top – which are full of protein.  I mean, my body should be thanking me for the additional vitamins it got from eatting the cupcake and not just a bagel.
I’m way too good at tricking myself.

*I’m at the office, so I won’t.


Soccer in the house?

If my husband had his druthers we would be purchasing this as a carpet for our new home.
I think it comes complete with medium size dents in the wall between chair and end-table which he would have 'cleverly' used as goal posts.

Fortunately he has little to no say.

Image: 1


A Mini-Eat-In Kitchen with Storage....

Our future kitchen is rather skinny and long (10'x18') with cabinets down one entire side.  We are thinking we want to split up the space to create a small area for an eat-in-kitchen and a more defined kitchen area.  This weekend I found the perfect table for our mini-eat-in.

The Pottery Barn Shayne Table: currently on sale for $499 (table only)

What I love most is the storage underneath (one can always use more storage), and the fact that the two leaves drop down so we can typically keep it small when its just the two of us, then extend it when we have company.

I want to find the table in a store first before we buy it, I'm a little nervous that there wont be anyplace to put your legs (due to the storage underneath), but then again - we hardly ever eat at the table anyways.

Obviously I did a google search for consumer reviews, and in doing so I found this: $540 for the set
and this: $349 for the set
I'm quite sure it's the exact same table.....for way cheaper.  Although the reviews suggest that you get what you pay for and the cheaper tables are made of much cheaper materials.

But I also found THIS:

Knock-off-wood (which is rapidly becoming one of my favorite sites now that we have a home to furnish) has plans for the table!  I can totally build this, and use strong, durable materials that I know will last - which means I'll only have to buy the chairs!  The only part I'm a little nervous about is getting the drop to look right - may have to call in the experts on that one.


Window Seating and Secret Storage

Yes, me again - with the built-ins....but this time I want a built in window seat with storage to either side.

Sullivan Conard Architects traditional family room

And super stealth storage underneath....

Bench and Mantel traditional family room

The other option would be drawers underneath....

window seat with GREAT pillows and color  family room

Great Room traditional family room

But drawers seem much more complicated to build, no?

Whats your vote?  Stealth storage underneath or visible drawers?


The Family Room....I Love Built-Ins

This weekend was filled with loads of home inspiration searches, and I'm beginning to think I should have called this blog 'The Built-In Blog' because apparently I am OBSESSED with built-ins.

I want to install some type of storage to either side of the fireplace in our 'family room'.  The big question here, is can we somehow integrate the TV into this room?

Option a) over the fireplace -

c3d design - Portfolio traditional family room

Option b) next to the fireplace (but it wouldn't be centered in the room)

Newburyport family room traditional family room

I love that the TV can be concealed - but our TV is rather large (47" right now and the boy thinks its too small) and I'm not sure how exactly it would lay out in cabinetry yet.

Mahoney Architects & Interiors: More than cookies in the oven... contemporary family room


Car Recs?

The upside of moving away from the city is that I no longer have to take public transportation.  The downside of moving away from the city is that I no longer can take public transportation.  Which means...I need a new car.
I'm thinking I want some type of small to mid-size SUV or cross-over.  Ideally this:

The Volvo XC60 - I come from a devout Volvo family, but I don't think it would be the wisest choice for two new homeowners.
The challenge is I will be driving a lot, so I want something with decent gas mileage - but also want space (esp. for the puppy).  We don't have a truck or anything to haul things with and we plan on becoming Home Depot regulars so it will come in handy for those runs.  Plus, I just like being up high.

SO, please tell me, what do you drive?  Do you like it?  What is your dream car?

I am most looking forward to....

Things I am most excited about:

Being able to get a puppy.

Not having to take public transportation anymore.

Being able to paint our walls.

Being able to eat meals outdoors without being in the shade from 6 other houses.

My own washer and dryer.

Having space to grow things, ill start with herbs and tomatoes. Peonies will be planted promptly in september.
Finally being able to use all the furniture I've bought over the years that is safely tucked away above my parents garage.....which I do not have a picture of, but there is a bed, dressers, mirrors, benches...and probably more.

What are you most excited about or looking forward to in your own space?


The Laundry Room....or lack thereof

One thing I am beyond excited about is having a washer and dryer that doesn't take quarters!
We are scheduled to close May 27th which is right before Memorial Day weekend - I've been stalking appliances and they generally go on major sale around holidays.....so SCORE - fingers crossed this holiday is no different.

Unfortunately the washer and dryer are located in the unfinished part of the basement - so it wont look like this anytime soon, but I would die happy if it did.

Do you have a nice laundry area?  Or are you in the basement as well?


The Formal Living Room / Den

Lets start with the 'formal' living room/den.

We are planning on using this room as a TV-free zone, which means fireplaces, bookcases and conversational furniture.
Here's what I'm thinking:
 I love the built-in bookcase around the fireplace and the way the space flows into the outside.

I love the seating arrangement here, although we could never live in such a white space.  Looks great, but I could never keep it clean.

In conversational areas which do you prefer sitting on - chairs? couches? loveseats?


We Bought A House!

As some of you already know....we signed on our first home this weekend!  The process was way more intense than I ever imagined.  It went something like this:

Our agents got a new listing on Monday evening - they sent us the link Tuesday morning.  The house wasn't going to start showing until Thursday, with an open house scheduled for Sunday.  Our realtors scheduled us for a showing Thursday evening - we were the first ones to view the home, other than other brokers.  We made them an offer before we left that night, knowing that it would move fast, and gave them until 10am the next morning to accept our offer.

Neither of us slept that night.  We couldn't imagine that we wouldn't get it - we were the first offer, we offered asking price with no contingencies and 20% down, which should be an extremely strong offer.
Fast forward to 10 AM, neither of us were getting anything done at work - we are not good at waiting.  10:00 comes and goes, 11:00 comes and goes and still nothing.....at 1:00 we got a call from our realtors that the sellers wanted to wait until 6PM Saturday to review all offers.  At this point we knew they had at least one other offer - we were disappointed, annoyed and frustrated. 

We do not play the waiting game well.  No sleep again Friday night -
Saturday morning we went and looked at other homes bracing ourselves for the potential loss of the home we had put an offer on.  LONGEST DAY EVER.
At 7pm we got a call from our realtor...and he said CONGRATULATIONS! 
OMG! We got it?! 
There were two additional offers, both well over asking, but both had contingencies that the sellers didn't want to deal with - they have their eye on another house and want to move as fast as possible, so they chose us!  (Which they should have done in the beginning, but they are forgiven, for now).

Providing everything goes as planned, we will officially be homeowners on March 27th!  We took the obligatory stroll through Home Depot today to relish in our future home-owner status.

I know you guys are dying for pics, so I will oblige - but just know, that we know, that it needs work.  We wanted something we could put a little sweat equity into and this provides ample opportunity :)

Without further ado - our 1920's Dutch Colonial
Phase 1 of our Sweat Equity Involves:
a) A New Color and Roof
b) An Expanded Dormer
c) A Farmer's Porch
d) Patio (this will probably be Phase 0, so we can enjoy it this summer)

My husband and realtors needed a visual, so I modeled this up to give them an idea of what I was talking about:
Can you see it yet?

A few photos of the inside:

And the best part?  Fully fenced backyard, which means I'm window shopping for a PUPPY!