I have a new Love...

I have a new love.
Her name is Grace.
She is a 7 week old Lab/Weimaraner mix.

She was recently rescued from a kill shelter in NY and is looking for her forever home.
I'm dying to go get her.

Please comment below to convince my husband we have to go get her ASAP.


  1. haha. you MUST get her! she's perfect.
    happy convincing :-)

  2. You must get her. Rescuing a dog was the best decision I've ever made in my entire life.

  3. I have had 3 weimaraners - they are the best dogs!! They do need a lot of attention, but they will love you forever :)

  4. What a cuuuuutie! You must get her. She's going to be such a beautiful dog, and I've heard nothing but good things about both of those breeds.

  5. She's AmAzing! And it's only 27 days til you have a house...you NEED her.

  6. if you don't get the rescue dog (like we didn't because we didn't think we were ready) you will end up buying a super cute dog on an impulse buy from a pet shop that will cost you a bajillion dollars in vet bills because of all of their health problems (like we did, although she is very cute and I love her to death). Besides, puppies are very cute and she will look super cute with a pink red sox collar. :)

  7. No question about it...you need to save her! I have a Weim named Grace Ann that my husband and I saved from a shelter almost 4 years ago...and she is the best dog ever! Weims become so attached to you -- she'll be forever grateful!!!

  8. We just rescued a lab/springer spaniel mix & she has already brought us so much love & joy! I already can't imagine NOT having her (even when she sheds her white fur all over our ebony stained hardwood floors & her black fur all over the white bathroom tiles!). Do it, do it, do it!