The Family Room....I Love Built-Ins

This weekend was filled with loads of home inspiration searches, and I'm beginning to think I should have called this blog 'The Built-In Blog' because apparently I am OBSESSED with built-ins.

I want to install some type of storage to either side of the fireplace in our 'family room'.  The big question here, is can we somehow integrate the TV into this room?

Option a) over the fireplace -

c3d design - Portfolio traditional family room

Option b) next to the fireplace (but it wouldn't be centered in the room)

Newburyport family room traditional family room

I love that the TV can be concealed - but our TV is rather large (47" right now and the boy thinks its too small) and I'm not sure how exactly it would lay out in cabinetry yet.

Mahoney Architects & Interiors: More than cookies in the oven... contemporary family room

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  1. Built-ins were a MAJOR selling point on our house. You're not the only one.