Puppy Photos!

We have photo proof Maddie is the most awesome and snuggly little girl ever....

Go, as fast as you can, to my friend Meredith's blog [http://www.andunlimited.com/] for pictures of Maddie.


Happy Valentine's Day!

I was on PUP-ternity leave last week and it was awesome. So much bonding time with our little girl. She's growing up fast, and is so smart. She is house-broken already, we put bells on the door and she rings them when she needs to go out. She can 'come' and 'sit' and sometimes 'stay' if she's not too excited. We need to work on her focus level, she gets easily distracted by shiny things (shovels) or anything she can eat.

These were the Valentine's cards she sent out to her puppy pals (and her daddy).

Happy Valentine's Day from Me & Maddie!


PUPternity Leave!

I’m counting down the hours until I can leave work today. We are picking up Maddie in LESS THAN 24 HOURS and I’m taking PUPternity leave next week. In case you didn’t know that when you take time off work to welcome a furry new family member (and yes I completely made it up and everyone at work thinks I’m crazy). Also, I’m probably going to have separation issues when I have to go back to work, but it’s going to be so nice to be a SAHDM (Stay at home dog mom) for the next 9 days!

The final puppy preparations that have to happen tonight are :
1. Clean-up dining room (still a mess from latest project, ie power tools everywhere).
2. Fix her crate (I built it wrong, we want the door to open the opposite way).
3. Buy her some food! She’s eating ProPlan Puppy, Chicken & Rice formula.
4. Clean out the back of the car and put her crate pad in there for the ride home.
5. Move all our jackets and boots out of the mudroom so she has limited opportunity to destroy things.

Anywho, make sure you add Maddie’s tumblog to your reader – it’s going to be cute puppy picture overload over there for the next few days.


2011 Task List - January Update

1 Month Down (I can't believe its already February!)
Time to check some things off the 'Master Task List', I didn't get as much done as I had hoped, mostly we've just been shoveling snow.

EXTERIOR : (We really can't do any of this stuff until the spring.)
Paint blue window trim.
Add grilles to windows.
Paint front door black.
Buy & install front door knocker.
Paint side door black.
Install whale door knocker.
Paint shutters black.
Replace house numbers.
Buy & install a new mailbox, or mail slot.
Paint front storm door black.
Build a deck off the family room.
Widen and lengthen the driveway.
Front yard landscaping.
Plant an herb garden.
Rear yard landscaping.
Power-wash & waterseal the fence.
Replace front & side lights.
Install box frames under chair rail in dining room.
Install crown molding in dining room.
Paint dining room.
Paint road-side Hutch.
Paint Craig’s List furniture.
Paint kitchen cabinets white.
Install new slate countertops.
Install new undermount sink.
Install new tile backsplash.
Build & install cabinets for the butler’s pantry.
Remove old laminate, and install new butcherblock countertop in butler's pantry.
Install crown molding in kitchen and above cabinets.
Remove built-in shelving from guest bedroom.
Paint guest bedroom.
Buy lamps for nightstands in guest bedroom.
Re-upholster Craig’s List chairs.
Remove and replace fish tiles in the shower.
Hang artwork & photos.
Make headboard for guest bed.
Buy stools for kitchen island. (I have to exchange them, but I still consider this 'done'.)
Replace contractor grade light fixtures throughout the house. (We've replaced one so far.)
Paint 'goldness' on fireplace insert.
Come up with a more permenant solution for the TV area.
Some how separate the dining room from the front entrance. (We made a faux-beam).
Hang curtains and shades in the dining room.
Hang remaining curtain over window in kitchen.
Install crown molding around entryway.