My 1st CraigsList Buy....

If you follow me on twitter you may have seen this :
"Dear twitter world, I'm going to pick up some furniture I found on craigslist (by myself). Wish me luck in not getting murdered -"
Well, I survived my first craigslist encounter (although I couldn't fit everything in my car, so I have to do a second pick-up on Saturday morning.)

Here is what I got :
2 Clayton Marcus Wingback chairs
4 Hammory Mahogany pieces including : 1 end table w/ drawer, 1 taller table w/ pull outs for drinks on each side, 1 wall table and 1 couch table.  All solid wood!

All 6 pieces for a grand total of : $200!!!!!
I was super excited.  I got home, all hopped up on my furniture deal find, to someone (who shall remain nameless, but hint hint I live with him) who accused me of "stealing some grandmother's furniture".
Whatever, he's lame.
 It's not like I would actually keep the furniture as is -

For the chairs, I plan on reapolstering them with a bright, geometric fabric like these:
And for the tables, I see HIGH HIGH HIGH gloss/laquer in bright colors.  Like straight out of a Jonathan Adler catalog bright colors.  And replace the hardware as well  -

I'm thinking I need some turquoise furniture in my life, ASAP.

What do you think?  
Bring Grandma's furniture back?
Do they have potential?

IMAGES : 1, 2, 3, 4


The Living Room Progress....

First up – the Fireplace room - the before shots
I painted:

TRIM COLOR : BM Simply White

And we bought a new couch :

 And just yesterday I purchased a rug to start helping anchor things down.  I went with this Jill Rosenwald rug because A) I love love loved it after this girl bought it and B) the designer is from Boston.

I’m searching for curtains still (those are leftovers from our apartment), a coffee table (or maybe not if we get our built-in shelves going and can stop using our coffee table as a TV stand), an interesting lamp and small desk.

 I also bought one of these for my ‘reading nook’ and am on the hunt for the perfect comfy blanket to casually drape over the side.  Unfortunately, it won’t be delivered until October or something like that – and yes; it is a legit brand new Eames chair, not a knock-off (I got a great deal through work).
And sorry for the mess - my life is messy and I made an executive decision not to clean up before I took any of these pictures.

I'm thinking of either some texture-y khaki curtains or maybe some silk silver ones - do you have any good curtain resources?


A New Arrival....

Long time no posts – sorry.

Everything on the house is taking a little bit longer than I anticipated, due both to lack of time and lack of funds.
4th&Folded has been much busier than I ever expected, which is both good and bad; but mostly good - it just means that things like this get pushed off :)

Anyways - I'm planning a series of posts about our house progress thus far BUT one big thing has happened since I last posted.

It has little hands...

And little (okay, well not so little) feet...

And loves really big yawns...
And to be cuddled by her great grandmother...
And goes by the name of Kendall...
And if you didn't figure it out by now, my brother had his baby!

*All photos by me.