The Living Room Progress....

First up – the Fireplace room - the before shots
I painted:

TRIM COLOR : BM Simply White

And we bought a new couch :

 And just yesterday I purchased a rug to start helping anchor things down.  I went with this Jill Rosenwald rug because A) I love love loved it after this girl bought it and B) the designer is from Boston.

I’m searching for curtains still (those are leftovers from our apartment), a coffee table (or maybe not if we get our built-in shelves going and can stop using our coffee table as a TV stand), an interesting lamp and small desk.

 I also bought one of these for my ‘reading nook’ and am on the hunt for the perfect comfy blanket to casually drape over the side.  Unfortunately, it won’t be delivered until October or something like that – and yes; it is a legit brand new Eames chair, not a knock-off (I got a great deal through work).
And sorry for the mess - my life is messy and I made an executive decision not to clean up before I took any of these pictures.

I'm thinking of either some texture-y khaki curtains or maybe some silk silver ones - do you have any good curtain resources?


  1. We have that same rug in our bedroom. I think it's going to be gorgeous in your stunning gray living room. And you know I'm dying for an Eames rocker, though I think my husband is going to win out in his desire for the Eames lounger.

  2. Looking good, lady! Thanks to you, I ordered a rug and a throw from Burke decor for my bedroom.

  3. Yay! Chelsey- it's starting to look amazing!