My 1st CraigsList Buy....

If you follow me on twitter you may have seen this :
"Dear twitter world, I'm going to pick up some furniture I found on craigslist (by myself). Wish me luck in not getting murdered -"
Well, I survived my first craigslist encounter (although I couldn't fit everything in my car, so I have to do a second pick-up on Saturday morning.)

Here is what I got :
2 Clayton Marcus Wingback chairs
4 Hammory Mahogany pieces including : 1 end table w/ drawer, 1 taller table w/ pull outs for drinks on each side, 1 wall table and 1 couch table.  All solid wood!

All 6 pieces for a grand total of : $200!!!!!
I was super excited.  I got home, all hopped up on my furniture deal find, to someone (who shall remain nameless, but hint hint I live with him) who accused me of "stealing some grandmother's furniture".
Whatever, he's lame.
 It's not like I would actually keep the furniture as is -

For the chairs, I plan on reapolstering them with a bright, geometric fabric like these:
And for the tables, I see HIGH HIGH HIGH gloss/laquer in bright colors.  Like straight out of a Jonathan Adler catalog bright colors.  And replace the hardware as well  -

I'm thinking I need some turquoise furniture in my life, ASAP.

What do you think?  
Bring Grandma's furniture back?
Do they have potential?

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  1. Chelsea, you should check out the Divine Chair Company for inspiration. My brother got a chair there and they get old pieces of furniture and rehopolster them and paint them, just like what your doing. They have some fun inspiration pieces: http://thedivinechaircompany.com/Gallery.php

  2. SO MUCH POTENTIAL. I love the funky prints you've picked out for the chairs, and as for the rest of the furniture I think that playing around with a fun color palette could make them coordinate well without looking too "old."

    Besides, you spent all of 200 bucks for all of this--nothing ventured, nothing gained. Go for it!

  3. I cannot wait to see them post makeover! Awesome finds!

  4. I have an endtable that would TOTALLY match this set. (Or at least, coordinate.) My mom says I can't get rid of it because it's "good solid wood". So, I have it stashed in my extra bedroom. You're inspiring me now!! I wonder what my mom would think if I painted the precious end table BRIGHT YELLOW. Hah!

  5. @ Newport Nupitals - Thanks for the link! Maybe I can sell them for $1,000+ after :)

    @ nodakademic - Paint it! (and post pics please)

  6. Lamesauce on the hubs. ;) I totally see your vision! In fact, I have been scouring to find furniture just like that. Lucky you. Can't wait to see how they turn out.

  7. Awesome deal! I can't wait to see how you transform these! I Love those prints! I've been wanting to redo our bedroom furniture that I've had since I was like 7, but haven't had the time.... or space.