Am I Planning a Wedding or Starting a Business?

So far starting a business has been a lot like planning a wedding. Both have a rediculous amount of research involved and lots of important decisions to be made.

While planning my wedding I found more than many fantastic ideas out there, but not all of them were right for my wedding, just like they are not necessarily right for my business. I know this adventure will be a continuous exploration for the next few (maybe/probably more) months to truly determine what Fourth&Folded is supposed to be. I will likely explore many opportunities and am ready and prepped for both the successes and the failures I may encounter before finding that cohesive vision that not only connects and ties all my previous thoughts together, but provides guidance for future ideas and expansion. I didn’t plan my wedding alone, and I know there will be countless people whom influence me (whether they not it or not) and help me along the way as I find out what Fourth&Folded is all about. I look forward to finding the sense of community and camaraderie I found with others planning my wedding, with my business. Both events are a culmination of meticulously picked, special and select elements pulled together to make something *fingers crossed* life changing.

Just as I was ready and excited to get married, I'm ready to see where this business is going and excited to think about all the fantastic people I will meet along the way. I hope you'll join me for the ride :)


on signage...

Today I saw signage on a door of a business that read:
"By appointment, or by chance."  I appreciate that you are truthful enough to write that in plastic decal letters on your door.  And most importantly it made me smile.

Have you seen anything smile-worthy lately?


I've been a bad blogger....

Forgive my absence?  I have an excuse though, as I said a few days/weeks? ago I started a new Etsy store - and well then I decided it needed a new blog and then decided that blog should become more of a website.  So, I've been working on that!  Check it out at - www.fourthandfolded.com  It's still a bit of a work in progress, I'm planning on adding a few link buttons down the side - such as 'follow me', etc. and thinking about moving the 'process/pricing/faq' links to the top row with 'about/contact/lets shop' - What do you think? Any suggestions?

And why yes I do have my own domain name now :)  And a matching email address chelsey@fourthandfolded.com 
Somehow that makes everything feel more real.

Plus, I've been crazy busy at work, got my first handful of clients on the paper-design front and I've been trying to remember to drag myself to the gym occasionally.  Oh yes, and my new-found Twitter addiction accounts for the remainder of my free-time.

Additionally, I have nothing super interesting to talk about - so I'll leave you with this new design for a 'Something Blue' shower:


but where will baby sleep?

As a precurser I wanted to say, THANK YOU all for all your fabulous comments about my new shop.  You guys rock!

I already illuded to a few of the fabulous things I want to buy for the secret baby, but I really want to go to Maine for a week before the baby is born and decorate a room for it.  I feel like that might be taking something special away from the parents though, so I probably wont suggest it :(

In my world the baby would live in a sophisticated but playful room like those below:

Two and Four are my favorites -
All from Serena and Lily

What do you think - If you were expecting would you want to decorate the room yourself?  Or would you be okay to recieve it as a gift?


Fourth&Folded is up and running!!

I've been a busy little gal lately.  I decided to join Twitter (I'm still not entirely sure what I'm supposed to do with it), officially opened my Etsy Store and got my first client!!

Yup, I'm the proud owner of http://www.etsy.com/shop/fourthandfolded and you can follow me on twitter at fouthandfolded as well!

All my designs are completely customizable. The graphic below helps show possible color and pattern options all which can be customized to fit your vision for your unique event!  The colors are based off the paper source colors so you can easily find envelopes to coordinate with your suite.

Some Fourth & Folded Wedding goodness for you below :

Do you have a favorite?



There has been a serious intervention in our household.  My sugar supply has been confiscated.  He says he's 'looking out for me' and while I know this is true, I secretly resent him for it. 
He hid all my Christmas fudge and cookies.  Granted I had barrelled through what was clearly more than a pound of fudge in record time, but still.  Today, it got to an all time low.  I nicely asked demanded a piece of fudge and he made me go outside the apartment so I wouldn't see where it was hidden.

It's kind of working though and I secretly hate him for that too - the whole out-of-sight out-of-mind really does work for me.  I see fudge, I want fudge - but if I don't see it I forget about it.  (Which is why everything in our vegetable drawer goes back.)

Little does he know, I have back-up stashes.  Mwah Haha

Oh AND I'm going to 'confiscate' his beef-jerky stash - well see how fast he puts up the location of the fudge then.



So my first day went great running-wise, but there were some improvements that needed to be made. All the equipment at my gym has personal tv screens mounted to them (which is great) and they are programmed to turn on when headphones are inserted. BUT if you are using your headphones in your ipod because you need to hear the cues in the music about when to run/walk (like I was) the screen basically acts as a mirror. This means I watched myself bounce and jiggle for a good 25 minutes- I was pretty disgusted.
So, for day 2 I strapped on two sports bras and brought an extra pair of headphones to activate the tv. I like running to music better than watching tv while I run, but Teen Mom was on (love) and so I had to watch. One ear had music, the other had tv and I rather liked it, although the guy running next to me shot me a few weird looks.

Anyways, the second run was good, but apparently I was not wearing proper running undergarments... aka 'run-dergarments' since I have some rather unpleasant chafing in some very ladylike areas that I wish to remain anonymous on these here internets (if you know what I mean).

So ladies, I know a few of you are runners- do you have recommendations on the best type of run-dergarments? And if any of you are more endowed in the chestal area- any recs for great sports bras?


I will protect you...

Remember when I confessed my obsession with all things Built NY?
It stems further -
I HAD to buy a camera bag to protect my shiny new equipment right?  I mean, I really couldn't carry a new camera around in an old bag.....lets get serious people. :)

Plus, my mom had asked for a new camera case for Christmas, so I was paying for shipping already :)

I snatched up this Flip Top Camera Case for my mom (Nikon Coolpix).

And the Medium Cargo Camera Bag for myself.
I got black, it looks professional and serious - but its bright blue on the inside and that makes me happy.

So far I totally love it, it's quite spacious on the inside and I have room for the battery charger, cables, the manual (because lets face it I have no idea how to use this thing yet), my P&S camera (just in case) and room for future lenses.

I do believe it's all about the accessories.


I got the corner office!!

In an effort to help acheive NYResolution #2 I set up myself with a little office area.  It's in the corner of the dining room since we have a severe lack of space :( ...but hey - it's in a corner right?  Me thinks that makes it A CORNER OFFICE.  Yup, I think I'm the only girl in a 'corner office' with no windows :)

Total project cost : $0

Lets see how long it stays this organized...
And because I totally heart you guys, a sneak peak at whats going to be popping up in a Etsy store real soon!

mmmm paper delicousness.

and loads more goodness to come!


It has started...

C25K officially commenced.
Day 1 Complete.
That is all :)

I will be a runner, I will...

Remember when I said I was going to get back on the workout bandwagon?  Well, I'm not on said bandwagon yet....
But hey - it's a new year and I WILL run a 5K.  Also, I'm paying $70+/month for a gym membership I haven't used forever but am too embarrased to cancel since I would basically be declaring myself a fat kid for life.

Step 1: Put workout music on IPod.  This was more challenging than I anticipated since I forgot we got a new computer and have no idea how to get music off old computer and onto new computer.  I decided to give-up and reformat my ipod and start fresh.

I'm planning on following the C25K plan and downloaded a few 'workout mixes' (I'm terrible at making mixes) to help me get motivated.
If this sounds like you, you HAVE to visit Go Nicole Yourself, she has put together some mixes specifically for this program and they have gotten some rave reviews.  awesome.

I'm excited to start. 

Wow, did I just say I was excited to run?  What is happening to me? 

I'm NOT excited about how crowded the gym is going to be.....stupid NY resolutions.


New Years Goals...

1. Run a 5k.

2. Start a small business doing something I love.

3. Keep our apartment 'guest-ready' at all times (well maybe there could be a max of a 5 minute pick-up time).

4. Buy a house.

5. Learn to sew something other than rectangular things (ie. not curtains and pillows).

What are your goals for the new year?

images 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


the men in my life...

This is the 3rd most important man in my life. My parents dog -
He will eat anything, play anytime and give kisses whenever you need them.
He enjoys quiet nights by the fire and toys that squeek.

He knows how to work the puppy dog eyes.

And really loves digging in the snow -

And playing catch...

You cannot meet him and not want to take him home with you. 
My mom is trying to teach him to read.

I need some help with my outdoor photos - any suggestions?