There has been a serious intervention in our household.  My sugar supply has been confiscated.  He says he's 'looking out for me' and while I know this is true, I secretly resent him for it. 
He hid all my Christmas fudge and cookies.  Granted I had barrelled through what was clearly more than a pound of fudge in record time, but still.  Today, it got to an all time low.  I nicely asked demanded a piece of fudge and he made me go outside the apartment so I wouldn't see where it was hidden.

It's kind of working though and I secretly hate him for that too - the whole out-of-sight out-of-mind really does work for me.  I see fudge, I want fudge - but if I don't see it I forget about it.  (Which is why everything in our vegetable drawer goes back.)

Little does he know, I have back-up stashes.  Mwah Haha

Oh AND I'm going to 'confiscate' his beef-jerky stash - well see how fast he puts up the location of the fudge then.



  1. Some one at work needs to hide the chocolate from me, but then I would be pissed at them for hiding... anyway hide the Jerky!

  2. I very much wish my husband would hide the chocolate chip cookies from me!