I will protect you...

Remember when I confessed my obsession with all things Built NY?
It stems further -
I HAD to buy a camera bag to protect my shiny new equipment right?  I mean, I really couldn't carry a new camera around in an old bag.....lets get serious people. :)

Plus, my mom had asked for a new camera case for Christmas, so I was paying for shipping already :)

I snatched up this Flip Top Camera Case for my mom (Nikon Coolpix).

And the Medium Cargo Camera Bag for myself.
I got black, it looks professional and serious - but its bright blue on the inside and that makes me happy.

So far I totally love it, it's quite spacious on the inside and I have room for the battery charger, cables, the manual (because lets face it I have no idea how to use this thing yet), my P&S camera (just in case) and room for future lenses.

I do believe it's all about the accessories.


  1. The polka dots are so cute! Your mom will love it. :)

  2. I missed your first Built NY post but check your local Marshalls for deals. We got a Built NY laptop sleeve for $6. I've also seen lunch totes and camera sleeves. :)

  3. I have a laptop sleeve from them that I love, love, love!! Especially since I have a gargantuan laptop...it is nice to have something big/stretchy enough to protect it.

    A word of caution on the baby line...neoprene isn't necessarily the most baby-safe material on the planet what with all the off-gassing. And believe-you-me, that isn't something I EVER thought about until I actually had a munchkin, so feel free to totally ignore me and my crazy-ass-mommy-brain :)