I will be a runner, I will...

Remember when I said I was going to get back on the workout bandwagon?  Well, I'm not on said bandwagon yet....
But hey - it's a new year and I WILL run a 5K.  Also, I'm paying $70+/month for a gym membership I haven't used forever but am too embarrased to cancel since I would basically be declaring myself a fat kid for life.

Step 1: Put workout music on IPod.  This was more challenging than I anticipated since I forgot we got a new computer and have no idea how to get music off old computer and onto new computer.  I decided to give-up and reformat my ipod and start fresh.

I'm planning on following the C25K plan and downloaded a few 'workout mixes' (I'm terrible at making mixes) to help me get motivated.
If this sounds like you, you HAVE to visit Go Nicole Yourself, she has put together some mixes specifically for this program and they have gotten some rave reviews.  awesome.

I'm excited to start. 

Wow, did I just say I was excited to run?  What is happening to me? 

I'm NOT excited about how crowded the gym is going to be.....stupid NY resolutions.


  1. You can also get an app for your ipod/iphone for the C25K that is pretty sweet. I think you have to pay $2 for it or something, but it was worth it. It lets you play your music with the timer running in the background and it will beep when you are supposed to run/walk.

  2. Good luck with the 5k training!!

  3. Chelsey! I'm so proud of you- once you start and get comfortable with running a few miles at a time, you'll begin to love it. The first runs will be difficult, but after you build up a threshold, you'll be hooked!

  4. Good for you! Did you pick out your 5k yet?

    Whenever I need tredmill motivation I either: a. run while watching a favorite show (Biggest Loser is always a good one) or b. save a magazine I like to flip through while I workout.

  5. @Kasey - I'm definately doing one in August (but hopefully I hit my goal before then!)
    I'm a TV watcher on the treadmill, I'm too unbalanced to read magazines on anything but a stationary bike :)

  6. @LifeBeginsat30 - I apparently lost my music in what I will refer to as the Great Computer Crash of '09, so Nicole's mixes were great for me (and free!)

  7. I thought I posted a comment but I don't think it went through. Anyhoo, let me know what race you do and I'll do it too!

  8. @Sass&Pancakes - Yay!! I have one in August up in Maine but I'll see if I can find something around here :)