Am I Planning a Wedding or Starting a Business?

So far starting a business has been a lot like planning a wedding. Both have a rediculous amount of research involved and lots of important decisions to be made.

While planning my wedding I found more than many fantastic ideas out there, but not all of them were right for my wedding, just like they are not necessarily right for my business. I know this adventure will be a continuous exploration for the next few (maybe/probably more) months to truly determine what Fourth&Folded is supposed to be. I will likely explore many opportunities and am ready and prepped for both the successes and the failures I may encounter before finding that cohesive vision that not only connects and ties all my previous thoughts together, but provides guidance for future ideas and expansion. I didn’t plan my wedding alone, and I know there will be countless people whom influence me (whether they not it or not) and help me along the way as I find out what Fourth&Folded is all about. I look forward to finding the sense of community and camaraderie I found with others planning my wedding, with my business. Both events are a culmination of meticulously picked, special and select elements pulled together to make something *fingers crossed* life changing.

Just as I was ready and excited to get married, I'm ready to see where this business is going and excited to think about all the fantastic people I will meet along the way. I hope you'll join me for the ride :)

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  1. Consider me along for the ride :) I can't wait to see how it all evolves for you.