So my first day went great running-wise, but there were some improvements that needed to be made. All the equipment at my gym has personal tv screens mounted to them (which is great) and they are programmed to turn on when headphones are inserted. BUT if you are using your headphones in your ipod because you need to hear the cues in the music about when to run/walk (like I was) the screen basically acts as a mirror. This means I watched myself bounce and jiggle for a good 25 minutes- I was pretty disgusted.
So, for day 2 I strapped on two sports bras and brought an extra pair of headphones to activate the tv. I like running to music better than watching tv while I run, but Teen Mom was on (love) and so I had to watch. One ear had music, the other had tv and I rather liked it, although the guy running next to me shot me a few weird looks.

Anyways, the second run was good, but apparently I was not wearing proper running undergarments... aka 'run-dergarments' since I have some rather unpleasant chafing in some very ladylike areas that I wish to remain anonymous on these here internets (if you know what I mean).

So ladies, I know a few of you are runners- do you have recommendations on the best type of run-dergarments? And if any of you are more endowed in the chestal area- any recs for great sports bras?


  1. Moving Comfort makes GREAT bras for chesty girls - They're spensive, but worth it, and you don't have to double up.

    Nike makes a great running short that protects your upper thighs. Also, Bodyglide is an anti-chafing stick that will keep you from getting all chafy. If neither the running shorts or Bodyglide work, I'd switch to capris. :) - Snappy

  2. I second Moving Comfort! I think I have the "Maia" bra.