Wanted: Accountability Buddies

I haven’t exactly fallen off the exercise bandwagon because it’s hard to fall off if you never really got on. I ran casually jogged beside the bandwagon a few times, often thinking about jumping on, but I’m more of the girl that watches that bandwagon from the side of the road and waits to see if said bandwagon would possibly throw candy in my direction.
It has been a delicious couple of months since our wedding.

Honeymoon = all inclusive resort with amazing food and drinks
BFF’s Wedding = again delicious food and socializing
the Boy’s birthday = cake/ice cream
my birthday = cake/ice cream again (and we aren’t talking slices here people, we are talking whole cakes)
life = ice cream at night because I can
Halloween = candy at every corner.

This weekend’s quote from the boy: “Hun, you are eating those Oreo’s at an alarming rate”.

To sum it up I like food waay too much, and I’m starting to feel myself expanding (and not expanding with joy or love, mostly with Halloween candy and carbs) and that is no bueno.
I generally operate on an entirely irrational system of rewards and punishments. Basically it goes like this – if you go for a run you may reward yourself with a treat; if you neglect said run you can still eat that treat because you will most likely go tomorrow. I have complied so many excuses to avoid physical exertion of any kind (its cold/its dark/my shoes are in the other room/I need a new playlist/etc.) and since I have all these goals/conversations/punishments in my head no one else knows about them and I cannot be held accountable.
So I have a plan to have a plan.

My plan is to do the C25K …. again. (aka the Couch to 5k – but using only the letters I think makes it sound more difficult, like P90X.) This time I won’t get irrationally upset when they make you take that 2 mile leap that seriously comes out of nowhere.

Anyone want to join? I need accountability buddies. Don’t get scared, it’s still only a plan to have a plan – we don’t actually have to do anything YET ….baby steps, baby steps.


  1. i'm on week 4 of the couch potato plan. its great!

  2. Girl I am so with you. I've been using my surgery (which was almost 3 months ago) and grad school as excuses not to work out. Every week I say, "I'm going to start running!" and then, nada. There's a good C5K ipod/iphone application. We should keep up with it then meet up at J.P.Licks. Or something.

  3. I SO love the C2K5 name upgrade...it totally makes it sound so official.

    In theory, this would be great for me...but my toes hurt, my knees ache and I would have to hire a baby sitter just to do the running.


    I guess I will have to support you from my couch.

  4. You are hilarious! You should also add a weekly yoga class if you can- it will really help your running!