you need glasses...

The boy really needs glasses.  He is aware of this but refuses to get them.  Each day I come home I find his chair* slightly closer to the television.
Sometimes if I am feeling spiteful I move the chair back, not a perceptible amount - but far enough so he cannot see the score of the game.  I find it amusing when he has to ask me what the score is and then I get to make up new scores.  3's, 6's and 8's can all be used interchangeably and he does not know.  This also goes for 1's and 7's and 4's and 9's.

*yes, he has a huge tacky recliner solely dedicated to him.  this would be #1 reason we need a basement in our house - so his furniture can live down there and not where people can see it.


  1. toooooo funny! i should make up scores to tell mr. smith when i check them on my iphone! :)

  2. I can't begin to explain my hatred of all furniture that is "manly" NOTHING EVER MATCHES, & EVERYTHING IS UGLY. I feel your pain sister.