walk in and dream...

Since I can no longer plan my wedding, and don't have a house to play with yet...I will play with my amazing imaginary house.  When I was little we used to play 'shopping'.  We each brought our own Sears Big Book (you know that one that weighed like 16 pounds?) to the babysitter and would pick out all the things we would have in our future lives - everything from clothes, to furniture to strollers.
This is kind of like that - I pick out all the things I would put in my house.

We will start with the most important room .... the walk-in closet.

The walls would be painted in 'Rain', it's a very sophisticated blue - not 'baby' or 'tiffanys' - it's just got a hint of gray.  White crown molding would run around the top of the room with blond hardwood floors.  The navy velvet fainting couch would be slightly angled in the corner, for times when my wardrobe gets overwhelming....also helpful for putting on shoes ;) .  Along one wall would be built-in shelving and drawers....I love drawers in closets.  The doors would be white with glazing and lit from behind.  The large mirror would lead gently on the wall (angled because it makes me look skinnier).  Behind the fainting couch I would put a photo montage in the brushed silver frames from Crate and Barrel - maybe framed vintage fashion sketches?  Or maybe our wedding photos?

If When I get this I'm pretty sure I will never leave. 
*Special note to the Boy: please note there are no room for your clothes.

Credits: Rug from Overstock.com; Mirror from Pottery Barn; Wall Montage from Apartment Therapy; Closet from Ikea; Silver Frames from Crate and Barrel; Fainting Couch from Urban Outfitters; Chandelier from West Elm.


  1. You can design my house. :)

  2. One of the things I really wanted in our house was a walk-in closet. One of the houses we looked at had two (!!) walk-in closets in the master. But alas, the only one that was right for us has teeny, tiny closets. At least we're the only people living there, so we (I) can use all of them!

  3. @ M&C - Love to!
    @ Pink Helicopter - We have a closet in our bedroom presently and I didn't get ownership because I sleep on the right and the closet was on 'his side'. Ha.

  4. Seriously, come on over. :) You could make it a series : How I would decorate the Mrs. Joey's House.