Why Must Fabric be So Expensive?

I’ve been on a mad search for curtains for the past week.

I found these at Pottery Barn :

..which I love, but do not love the price. We need two sets of them which means 4 panels, which means ~$450 – and that is not in our budget.

So, I decided they would be much cheaper if I sucked it up and made them myself.

Note to future self: When calculating how much fabric is required divide by 3 (3 feet in a yard) and you will not have a mini heart-attack next time.

I did NOT need 30 yards of fabric, I merely needed 10 (4 panels at 2.5 yards ea.). Which made the prices of fabric much more reasonable….rookie mistake.

Then I decided that maybe those curtains would make the room too heavy; too formal and not punchy and fun. I like punchy and fun, and I feel like curtains are a good place to do that. I found and fell in love with this fabric:

High Voltage by Schumacher

And then fell of my chair when I realized it was $90/yard (which would be DOUBLE the pottery barn curtains). I mess up sewing all too often to buy fabric that is $90/yard no matter how perfect I think it may be.
Back to the drawing board I went.


  1. That is indeed beautiful fabric! Too bad about the pricetag though :(

  2. This is always my problem. I always think I can make something cheaper but then realize quick that may not be so. :( I love the fabric though