A Mini-Eat-In Kitchen with Storage....

Our future kitchen is rather skinny and long (10'x18') with cabinets down one entire side.  We are thinking we want to split up the space to create a small area for an eat-in-kitchen and a more defined kitchen area.  This weekend I found the perfect table for our mini-eat-in.

The Pottery Barn Shayne Table: currently on sale for $499 (table only)

What I love most is the storage underneath (one can always use more storage), and the fact that the two leaves drop down so we can typically keep it small when its just the two of us, then extend it when we have company.

I want to find the table in a store first before we buy it, I'm a little nervous that there wont be anyplace to put your legs (due to the storage underneath), but then again - we hardly ever eat at the table anyways.

Obviously I did a google search for consumer reviews, and in doing so I found this: $540 for the set
and this: $349 for the set
I'm quite sure it's the exact same table.....for way cheaper.  Although the reviews suggest that you get what you pay for and the cheaper tables are made of much cheaper materials.

But I also found THIS:

Knock-off-wood (which is rapidly becoming one of my favorite sites now that we have a home to furnish) has plans for the table!  I can totally build this, and use strong, durable materials that I know will last - which means I'll only have to buy the chairs!  The only part I'm a little nervous about is getting the drop to look right - may have to call in the experts on that one.


  1. If you are looking for the best selection and prices on dinette sets and kitchen tables go to the Dinette Gallery.

  2. We've been eyeing that pottery barn table too! Knock off wood sounds great, but we aren't that handy :)