My Week in Bullet Points....

1. I hurt my knee a week ago. It popped while I was trying to finagle myself into my seat on the plane flying back from Philly. Edited version: I rotated my body {and 60lbs of luggage trying to squeeze by unmoving person in the aisle seat trying to get into my window seat with both carry-ons since I board Zone 4 (Steerage) and all overhead compartment space was full} and my knee did not rotate. There was a loud pop, a burning feeling and some tears welling up in my eyes. I refuse to admit that my knee is busted – I feel that it should heal on its own. However, it’s been a week now and it’s still not right. If my body cannot repair itself I fear this means I’m getting old….and that’s just not going to happen – therefore, I will tell you I’m fine and please don’t call me out on my limp.

2. I cleaned my desk at work. My desk is ALWAYS covered with drawings, samples, etc. and although I really DO know where everything is under there (the outward appearance may be deceiving) I did not know these were under there.

Yes, 10 knives – which would have been 11, but I used one yesterday. I’m not sure why I’ve been secretly hoarding these. Apparently by the time lunch rolls around I’m too hungry to bother cutting my food. I also found 4 sharpies.

3. I’ve been dreaming about curtains. And paint. And built-ins (per normal).

4. We have 28 days until we move. I’m dreading packing. I’ve made friends with the janitorial/maintenance staff and they have been loading me up with boxes. They don’t speak English all that well and I’m pretty sure they are quite concerned about me. I get excited about these boxes like addicts get excited about crack. Besides the clear delight on my face my eyes get large and I’m all “OOH can I get it right now? Do you have any more? How big is it? Is it like really big? When do you think you will have more?”….if I was an addict these are what I would consider standard questions for my dealer.

5. A special lady gave me 4 cupcakes on Monday. I did not bring them home to share with my husband; I’m probably a terrible wife but you must understand they looked delicious and I did not want to give any of them up. Yes, I’m definitely a terrible wife…but at least I’m a fat and happy terrible wife. Besides, he has his RedSox ice cream in the freezer and gives me the evil eyes whenever I venture toward it. I’m doing him a favor by sparing him my ‘don’t you touch that’ eyes.

Speaking of cupcakes, I’m starving.


  1. It's OK. Sometimes I go out for lunch at Micah's favorite pizza place and keep the leftovers at work for lunch the next day. I feel like he'd be more upset if he knew I was eating there without him even if he did get the leftovers.

    Pack early and often. Time gets away from you. Good luck!!

  2. Getting old is only in our mind.
    Age never prevented people from doing things: