Packing is Not Fun...

What we (me and my mom) did this weekend:

A rundown of my week:

Monday : Work/Copious Amounts of Laundry to Clean /Answer Emails & Send Proofs for Approval

Tuesday : Work/Pack Copious Amounts of Laundry that should be Clean /Answer Emails & Send Proofs for Approval/take 16 million bags of trash and other things we didn’t want to move down to the street to be picked up Wed. AM by the garbage guy (he is going to HATE us)*

Wednesday : Work/Pack any and all remaining items (food, bathroom supplies, work clothes)/ Pack Car with Cleaning Supplies and 1st round of essentials for the New House / Answer Emails & Send Proofs for Approval

Thursday : Walk-through at 7:30 AM/Closing at 9 /(insert relaxing lunch here)/Clean EVERYTHING/Pin-Up Paint Chips for initial reaction and to be able to monitor throughout the day/1-2 Rounds of Loading-Moving-Unloading with our cars *still sleeping at apartment* BUT we are officially Homeowners at this point!!

Friday : pick up U-Haul @ 8AM, rally friends to help with the heavy lifting /load large items (beds/couch/chairs/dressers/desk/shelving units/grill/outdoor furniture) and any other boxes that fit**/Load other cars and SUV’s with additional boxes, repeat as necessary/Cross-fingers we are done….sleep at new house hopefully on a bed.

Saturday : (Yay for friends with trucks) : More Boxes to Move / Clean apartment and do one final walk-through to make sure we got everything / Collapse in Exhaustion with a Margarita in Hand.

Sunday : Sleep / Retail Therapy (washer-dryer combo and paint) / Paint and Relax / Unpack the essentials (we probably won’t unpack everything until we get everything painted)

Monday : *yay* for Monday holiday’s / Keep painting and start planning projects for the new HOUSE!

Posting will be light due to lack of internet and upside-downness of my life.

*We are donating a ton of stuff too – don’t worry.
**I will NOT be driving the truck.


  1. I am so excited for you!! It looks like a busy week for you but at least you'll be in your new house by the end of the week!

  2. Congrats & good luck this weekend!!

  3. Packing is definitely not fun! It’s a serious task to do. Ensuring that all the stuff are in its right boxes, or if the fragile items are covered with cloth or paper. Also, figuring out if you’re going to throw or keep some items is what makes packing such a daunting task. However, through packing is also where you will discover those missing items you’ve been searching for many years. What you have to remember when packing is that all boxes should be labeled correctly to avoid damaging and misplacing it.