My Obsession with Navy Continues....

I'm kind of dying to paint our house Navy Blue.
Those of you who saw our wedding probably aren't surprised given my obsession with the color Navy.
Don't tell the boy yet - I'm not sure he'll be on board, but generally things this serious need to be carefully approached so he thinks it was his idea :)
What color is your house?  What color would you paint it if you had a choice?

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  1. My house is sage green (but it was also newly redone when we bought it and there was no reason to change it). But I'm also a lover of the color navy and think it looks GREAT on houses! I really like the look of the first picture though, the way the colors were split up. It's not too much of one color. And that yellow door is amazing (but I also love yellow too). Actually navy blue and bright yellow are one of my favorite color combos. I say do it!!

    By the way, I'm a photographer friend of Meredith Perdue's. I've heard all about your work and follow you on Twitter. I love your stuff. Amazing!


  2. @Anne - Thank you! Blue and yellow is one of my favorite combos as well!

  3. Our house is a light brown brick with cream trim. I love white houses with red brick, and I would switch to that if I had a choice.

    My neighbor's house is dove grey with navy shutters/front door ... it's so pretty!

  4. If I were you, I would definitely paint your house navy (of course, I am also partial to it!) & love the yellow door. Go for it!!