GREIGE is the new pink....

If I had to pick another color I'm currently obsessed with (besides Navy) it would be greige.  Greige is what happens when grey and beige get together and make babies.  And they are quite lovely babies if I may say so myself.

It all started many manicures ago, when I fell for OPI's You Don't Know Jacques -

It's not beige, but its warm like beige.

Ralph Lauren, Forde Abbey

It's not grey, but it's chic like grey.
Okay, well this one is grey, but I still love it.

Sherwin-Williams's, Requisite Gray

Sherwin-Williams's, Mega Greige

 Behr, Squirrel 

 How do you feel about greige?  Have you found any particular greys/greiges that you love?

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  1. Love it! Love the nail polish, too. I really love the bold ones, like the last photo you posted, but I am afraid that our home, with its smallish rooms, would look pretty boxed in with such a dark color. The 'Requisite' grey reminds me of the color we did in our extra bedroom and sunroom - mine has more blue in it though. My problem is that a lot of the greiges I've seen on swatches, end up look purply on the wall.

  2. Well, I love it!!! Great color!!

  3. Love it! I have that nail polish and I love it too.
    I love the warmth of greige.

  4. I LOVE IT! I bought a nail polish similar to that color a few weeks ago and tried it out. I've been drooling over grey inspired homes for a while, but the greige is even better :)

  5. I love greige and have been meaning to pick up some nail polish in that color. I love grey too. We painted one of the walls in our bedroom grey and I love it.

  6. Gray is my favorite color. Greige is a close second!!

  7. Im getting a manicure tomorrow night and now i know what color to look for! thx!

  8. Love the Ralph Lauren and the Behr colors!!