We Bought a Couch....

We bought a new couch this weekend!  Saturday to be exact.
Sorry for the crappy phone pic - 

It's a smokey navy color.  And super comfy.
We can both lie down on it at the same time (but it's not quite wide enough to spoon) and yes we did test that out at the store.
I fell in love and bought it.

And then freaked out.
Debated calling and canceling for like 20 hours.
Decided to drive back to the store on Sunday and sit with her the next day to make sure I made the right decision.  Played with all the other colors and fabric options and made two different sales people convince me to keep the couch. 

I took more photos when I went back the 2nd time.  (More crappy phone pics)

She looks more gray here - which I like.

I can't believe I was so indecisive about a couch.  I think its because I wasn't really expecting to buy one - we kind of went shopping on a whim and don't really need a new couch.  I got nervous, I didn't know if there was something else out there that I would love more (and could afford) - definitely more nervous buying a couch than I was to get married.

Do you go with your gut instinct on big purchases? 
or do you have to review every other option out there to confirm you are making the right one?


  1. We just bought our first house a few months ago ... moving from a 750 square foot condo with two rooms to an 1800 square foot house with 5 more rooms to deal with was intense. The furniture shopping alone took away a couple weeks of my life. In the end, though, going with your gut is totally the way to do it.

  2. So fun! Congratulations! I love that you guys tested the couch in the store- too funny!

  3. I love your couch. Is it a Boston Interiors couch? We have the same panicky feeling with every purchase: my husband sent back two mattresses before finally (very reluctantly) committing to our current tempurapedic, which he now loves.

  4. @Mrs. Hot Cocoa - Nope, we looked there though and I love a ton of their stuff, just wasn't as comfy. We ended up getting it at Jordan's.
    And my husband is DYING for a termpurpedic :)

  5. I love the couch. I'm a reviewer. Sometime I should just trust my gut.