We issued a DNR* on my car this week. I think it’s just her time, although I must admit I’m not ready to see her go.

Story of my life, that when we actually move out of the city and need 2 cars (it has been less than a month) that my car breaks….bad.

Anyways – this means I need to go car shopping/test driving this weekend and the boy is still out of town for business, which means I have to go ALONE :(

Last time I went shopping alone it was for paint, (2 weeks ago), I was in the midst of painting and therefore did not have my wedding rings on.


(Now before you get all judgey-pants, I wasn’t trying to get free paint; in fact I didn’t even realize I was missing my rings until I got back in the car).

So, when I go shopping for cars (where 99% of the dealers are men) should I *forget* to wear my rings and hope for a deal?
Or definitely keep them on so they don’t try to take advantage of a single lady?

Do you get more respect with or without the bling?

*Do not Resuscitate


  1. Can I offer a little car shopping advise? I used to work at a car dealership in Customer Service, but I also had to do a little bit of sales, so I know some of the secrets. A) Go at the end of the month - You're actually in an okay position, needing to buy at the end of the month. B) Go through the internet department - Most internet departments offer Fleet pricing (pretty much the lowest price the dealership will sell the car). Try to make an apt with the internet departments of the dealerships you're going to this weekend. That will qualify you for the Fleet pricing :)
    I'm sorry to hear about your Saab. My Jetta is on her way out and I'll be really sad to see her go.
    Oh, as for your rings, in this case they are going to find out your married eventually when you fill out the finance forms etc. Might as well just show off the 'girls' Kidding... kinda ;-)

  2. @Ali - Thanks for the inside advice :)
    Push-up bra - CHECK!

  3. Totally agree with Ali. Email the internet department before you even go. And never sit down with someone who won't just tell you the price of the car- big mistake on my part.
    We just got a Subaru Impreza and we heart it! Good luck!

  4. You are hilarious, Chelsey!! Good luck with the shopping- I'd go with you if I could :)