In life I operate on deadlines. If there is no deadline; it probably won’t get done. This only applies to my personal life though; things that effect me & the boy. If someone else is counting on me I usually try to complete the task ASAP –

This brings me to my internal deadline; yesterday the boy told me he was leaving on Sunday for 2 weeks in Utah. After the first rash of thoughts flew though my head (you are just telling me now?, who is going to take out the trash?, ***, what about the lawn?, what if something happens with the house?, what if my car breaks?, who’s going to cook my food?) and the second round (ah, the bed to myself for two weeks, all the trashy TV I want, no sporting events, ice cream for dinner) I realized that I wanted him to come back to a HOME not just a house. He’s been a little snarky lately about how everything is half-finished, half-unpacked, half-done.

So I’m setting a deadline for 2 weeks from now; to have at least 2 rooms (painted, unpacked and furnished)…and also to clean my side of the bedroom.

This involves -
Sanding/Priming/Painting 2 dressers : one is going in the half-bath downstairs (white) and one is going in our bedroom (black)
Sanding/Priming/Painting 1 bench : for the mudroom (black)
Sewing a Cushion for the mudroom bench
Buying a mirror for the downstairs bath (shopping I’m good at)
Painting the walls and Trim of the Half-Bath
Sewing roman shades (x2) for the Half-Bath (I have no idea how to do this but found pretty fabric)
Paint trim & Wainscoting in the fireplace room (white)

If I get to it – painting the upstairs bathroom and the master bedroom
Also, need to purchase curtains for our bedroom; a table for the boys side of the bed and two lamps (that match)

Unfortunately I think the rooms he wants to be completed first are the kitchen and our bedroom.
O’well – beggars can’t be choosers and he can’t be trusted with a paint-brush, which means things take longer.

Things are going to be busy around here -

Are you motivated? Or do you have to set mini-deadlines for yourself?


  1. Whoa you are an ambitious one! I would probably pick one or two of those tasks and spend the rest of the time trashy tv/ice cream for dinner style :)

  2. Good luck! Here's a roman shade tutorial for you!