Apartment Tour....

Before we 'officially' move into the new house; lets do a tour of our old apartment.  I loved our apartment.  We lived there for 3 years, it was the first place we lived together, it was where we lived when we got engaged, and where we lived when we got married. 

As much as I love our house I will miss our apartment.
I will miss all the built-ins, the molding everywhere, the hardwood floors and the massive amounts of light.

The Butler's Pantry -

 And the China Cabinet -

I loved the molding, and the floors and the LIGHT!

I don’t miss our powder blue bathroom.

 Yes, that is a blue and white marbled seashell sink - classy :)

Oh yes, and those are octagon tiles with BLUE grout.

The Linen Closet

The Kitchen

The Dining Room -

The Living Room -

Oh apartment, I will miss you.

Do you still think about any of your old apartments?


  1. Totally. I had the BEST apartment in Oak Park, IL. A 4-flat built it 1936 - solid oak doors, floors, built in cabinets and a kick as sun room off the back.
    However, I did have to snake the claw foot tub once a month because of lame plumbing and I had to coordinate heating with the neighbors, but it was still cool. :)

  2. I loved our last apartment. It was huge (3 bedrooms, 2 baths) and one of the bathrooms had a dragon tile mosaic on the ground. It was famous. People we didn't even know knew about the dragon bathroom.

  3. This probably won't help but HOLY AWESOME APARTMENT BATMAN! I wish apartments near me had Butler's Pantries, hardwood floors, built-ins and molding. WOW! Okay, sorry. I think I will miss the apartment J & I are in now when we move b/c it was or first place together :)

  4. what a beautiful apartment... minute the bathroom :) We just moved from our apartment where we lived for 3 years and got engaged. I'll miss it too. It was small and perfectly sized for us.

  5. My brother and his wife live in the same apartment outside of Boston! Ok not the same, but it's the same layout. So funny to see the same layout in someone else's place :)