Fabric Heven....

This past weekend I died, and went to a little place called Fabric Heaven.
Okay, it's really called Zimmans.
It was totally sketchy to get to, but definately worth it.

They had an amazing selection of designer home decor fabrics at non-designery prices -

Racks upon racks of gorgeousness - (plus there is a full floor of trimmings below and two floors of refinished furniture above).

Some of my fabric favorites below - most were in the $20-$30/yard range

I could've spent SOOO much money here.
I ended up with this (below) for curtains for our bedroom - 
And this (below) for my office curtains...
I'm particularly excited about the office curtains; I'm kind of in love with the color.

Do you have any great fabric stores?


  1. Ooh, I love your bedroom curtains. And the greyish, faux imperial trellis fabric.

  2. It was surprising to me but IKEA has a pretty great, reasonably priced fabric selection. I've made some table runners and spent less than $10 in making them.

  3. Those fabric bolt photos look like our spare room. No joke, I used to have a bit of a fabric-buying problem a few years back... Which is why you might want to treat these links as the combination of blessing-and-curse that they truly are:



    And P.S. The ones you actually purchases are gorgeous!!!