Moving Sucks....

So far, having a house has been a little surreal.

It was bittersweet to say goodbye to our apartment.

After we closed, we went over to the new house and cleaned; then came back to our apartment and finished packing in preparation for Moving Day 1.

Moving Day 1 was not fun. The boy was up at like 6 ready to go and started moving stuff down to the porch (not conducive to sleeping for me), so I got up to help (at like 7). I’m not lying when I say there was blood, sweat and tears before 9 AM. Our apartment was on the second floor accessed via a winding staircase, and up another flight of stairs off the street. So that’s 2 flights + winding stairs + AM crankiness + heavy furniture = grumpiness.

Tip of the day – hire movers. I’m literally covered in bruises (I look like a speckled egg, although most of it is hidden by clothes); I walked like a 90 year old woman for 2 days and 1 of my toes looks like it’s going to fall off.

After another million trips all our stuff was in the new house. And even though we’ve been there for a week now it’s all pretty much right where it got dropped off the truck. Putting everything away seems like such a daunting task. I mostly miss our butler’s pantry and built-in china cabinet from the old apartment.

I still tiptoe around a little bit thinking I need to be quiet so as not to disturb our downstairs neighbor.

I’ve also realized that we are definitely a 2 TV family. We currently only have one hooked up right now and it’s painful. PAINFUL.


  1. I know it sucks but hang in there. It will get better. I think the new house thing can be like wedding planning - at some point you hit a wall and just need a break. We've been in the house for 6 months and still aren't completely unpacked and I think that's OK. We plan to be in the house forever so we have a lot of time to get it in shape.

  2. Two is absolutely necessary. And sometimes I think we need to DVRs. Until I tell myself to stop being ridiculous.

  3. After college, I refused to ever move myself again - best decision I ever made ;)