No House Projects This Weekend....

No playing with the house this weekend – we are headed up to Maine for our first wedding of the season. It’s a BIG one, we are talking 230+ and should be a pretty fun time (minus the driving to get there). We called dibbs on being driven home by the pregnant girl after the reception, so bring on the libations.

The boy was offered BOX seats to Saturday night's Red Sox game and had to turn them down because of the wedding.  I feel terrible since he doesn't really know the couple, I told him he didn't have to come with me and that he could go to the game and take his brother, but he said he would go to the wedding with me.  I melted - he's such a good hubby.

I have a feeling this will be the largest wedding I’ll probably ever attend –
Which do you prefer? Large weddings or intimate gatherings?
or would you be at the Sox game? :)


  1. How sweet of him! Of course he'd want to be dancing the night away with you though!

  2. I'd say small wedding followed by Sox game. :)

  3. haha We were just talking at a wedding this weekend how convenient it is to have a pregnant person around when you're looking to drink/party.

    Oh - and my wedding was roughly 200, but I definitely prefer small. It just happens that we have HUGE families and quite a few friends. I would have been fine with 20. :)