Battle of the Brands....Paint Edition

I’ve been going through an internal struggle of sorts and would like someone to please help me make up my mind.

It’s on paint – not colors; I’m even more indecisive with those, but brand.

I’ve googled paint critiques and reviews more than I care to admit and have found that most people say Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams are worth the few extra $$ over a home depot paint. So here is where the struggle comes in –

Benjamin Moore is more expensive, but closer to my house, people seem to prefer it a little more and I find I like their colors slightly better than Sherwin Williams (although I know anything can be color matched). We’ve used it in a few rooms so far and I love how it goes on.

Sherwin Williams is a little bit cheaper, a little further (not much) from our house and I have not used it before, but my dad has and he says good things.

SO, to further complicate the matter I asked for a A&D discount (Architects&Designers) when I bought paint at Benjamin Moore; they were more than happy to give me the discount and didn’t even ask for proof! However the discount was only a few dollars (this is not me complaining – anything helps) BUT Sherwin Williams offers 20% off.

So, my lovely readers, I come to you –

What is your preferred paint brand?
Would you take the bigger discount or the closer location?

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  1. Benjamin Moore! 100%. I've painted a ton of rentals and now we're painting our house room by room and it's worth every penny you spend on it. Plus the better finish and coverage means you use less paint so the price actually balances out. Plus, I like the fact that BM is carried at independent retailers and the people who own/work at the local paint shop where we get our BM paint are amazingly helpful and really educated on what kind of finish you need, what kind of primer you want, etc. Just tell them what you're painting and they lead the way - sometimes even end up pushing me toward less expensive stuff if it will get the job done as well.

  2. We used Benjamin Moore for our ceiling and the walls in our main living area (kitchen, dining, and living all in one) and for the outdoor paint we used on our shutters outside and we love it! When we move on to the bath and bedrooms, we'll be going back to our local store that carries Benjamin Moore. They were so helpful when we weren't sure what we were doing and they are always so friendly.We first went to Home Depot and we've got nothing but problems-wrong color, wrong paint, and bad service. So we went to our local paint store and never looked back. Plus, we prefer to support our local businesses first before the big boxes. Good luck!

  3. Whenever I use BM paint, I curse myself for not buying it all the time. Seriously. I have less issues, better coverage, and a more luxurious finish with my BM paint.

    Also I know a few professional painters who will ONLY use BM paint. That spoke volumes to me.

  4. Although we usually color match Benjamin Moore colors in Behr and have never had a problem, the few times I've sprung for the actual Benjamin Moore paint I've loved it!

  5. I use Pittsburgh Paint- the no VOC line, yes it's way more expensive, but I like that it doesn't smell and is more environmentally friendly. It goes on thicker than other paints, but the coverage is excellent.

  6. I would say Benjamin Moore. I haven't painted much myself, but I'm 98% positive that that's what my Dad always uses, and he's a paint master. Go for it!

  7. I've used Behr from Home Depot in every room in my house and I love it. It's just more convenient for me though than any specialty paint stores.

    You can take in any color you like though and just have them use their paints to make your color. :)

  8. I know I'm a little late to comment, but I just have to chime in and say that I've used all the brands and Benjamin Moore's Aura comes out as the best. It's much more expensive than most other brands, but it makes up for the price in the finished result.