Are you Afraid of the Dark?

Last time I left you with this pretty blue wall :)

Before we primed; we taped, patched existing holes and sanded.
I didn't tape this room, the boy did - we ended up with duct tape instead of painters tape (we were actually using frog tape) in some places (NOT RECOMMENDED).
I guess this pretty much solidifies the fact that we are from Maine and will try to duct tape anything.

Then the boy also decided to vacuum the walls in lieu of wiping them down pre-paint.
In case you haven't seen walls being vacuumed before it looks like this and is highly hilarious.

Coat #1 after the primer left a little something to be desired -

We have a few accidents 1.5" away from the crease (where the tape ended)....whoops!
I've decided taping is over-rated.  I'm way better at free-handing edges.

But in the end I got my navy blue wall :)

And it matches our LeCrueset -

There was a lot of talk about how it would make the room feel smaller, but I think having only one wall actually creates the illusion that the wall is further away than it really is making the room feel larger.  I have some plans for either a large white floating shelf or a series of white art pieces.

And maybe some crown molding to cover up those 'accidents'....
What do you think?  Are you afraid of dark colors on your walls?

The specific color is Benjamin Moore Symphony Blue - with a deep base primer underneath.


  1. I love it! Welcome to the dark side of painting ;)

  2. Love it! I agree a dark wall can really make a room look so much bigger and I adore the navy

  3. We have a similar color in our master bedroom and I love it. And I'm also a cobalt Le Creuset fan!

  4. YAY! I love it- it looks perfect! And how about that vacuuming picture? So funny!

  5. Intense! But I love it.

    We have an entire office that is dark blue. Not quite that dark - it's small and couldn't handle a color that dark - but I LOVE dark blue paint!

  6. I love it!! I love how it works with you pots (I have the same kettle, but sadly the matching pots were stolen). I used to be a dark wall person, but after moving into a house with outrageously dark and bright colors I decided to go as pale as possible.