Stool decisions....

Now that our kitchen island/peninsula/bar (I can't figure out what exactly to call it) is almost complete, I have been on the lookout for some stools to accessorize with. 
We had some people over this weekend and I can already tell it's going to change the function of our kitchen 10-fold; entertaining is so much easier now!

Anways, back to the stools in question.

Option A : the option my husband requested that I'm not really considering because it doesn't fit our my kitchen vision at all.

Option B : Bertoia Stools

Option C : Emeco Navy Stools

Option D : LEM Piston Stool

Which would you choose?  Do you have any other suggestions I should consider? 


  1. I love the Emeco stools and the Bertoia ones, though I wonder if they're comfy? I also love the clear acrylic Knoll stools, but I can assure you that they are not at all comfortable.

  2. Wow those are great stools (love the Emeco ones) but definitely not in my budget. (but if you know of a place where they aren't 600$+please do tell )

    I personally like the look of the urban white ikea ones. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/50135657
    but I get it... they are over done and might not fit the look you are looking for.

  3. I second the Emeco ones! But I need to know more about your kitchen vision!

  4. @ Kelly - Copy Cat Chic did a post on them a while ago, the $600+ is too rich for my blood as well :)

  5. Ooh, I really like the Bertoia ones! Although I think based on the picture you had previously of the island, the Emeco ones would work best with your kitchen (says the girl who has no idea about interior design...) :)

  6. Bertoia Stools are my favorite! Since they don't fit in my kitchen I want to live vicariously through you :)

  7. I love the Emeco stools! I want them in our kitchen when we finally have a house.

  8. All I know is you know you're a mom when the title of this post does not conjure up visions of seating options.