I don't know how to be NOT busy....

I don’t know how to be not busy.

If I’m ‘busy’ I don’t have time to do other mundane/less exciting things, like cleaning....or working out.
So I’ve surrounded myself with my work, and my business, and our house; and created thousands (probably) unnecessary projects with which to occupy my time so I can stay busy and avoid those unmentionable tasks without feeling guilty about it.

I can’t sit on the couch and do nothing (unless we are watching a movie, and even then no promises). I am almost always doing more than one thing at a time, not doing so feels unproductive.  If I'm watching one of 'my' shows I'm also likely working on designs for clients, stalking other people's blogs, or shopping for anywhere from 1-6 items online.  On average I have 8-10 tabs open with different windows....and sometimes two browsers.  It's a problem.

I’ve been starting to feel a bit burnt out lately. I want to do more things than I have time. Like read more, plant a garden, fix up our house, learn to cook, blog more regularly and be more physically active. But I know that I’ll just substitute one thing for another and still be busy – as I said before, I don’t know how not to be.

I've tried limiting the amount of clients I take on at a particular time, but then someone will email me, and their project sounds fun and interesting and I squeeze them in.  And again, and again.

I think I need that time-travel thing Hermione has.

Do you have a good life-balance? What do you do to make sure you have time for everything you want (and have) to do?



  1. Funny you should post this. I have a post brewing about my opposite problem - I'm not busy, and I feel immensely guilty about it. I make time for the things I prioritize, and the things that aren't a priority I give myself permission to skip. But I know it's not as easy as that for everyone. I have a structured 8 hour workday and no family outside of my husband to care for. Also, I'm not a clean freak - that saves me a LOT of time!

  2. I have a boyfriend that makes me get off the computer. Once that's taken care of, I'm pretty good at setting priorities and sticking to them!

  3. Here is how it goes with myself on this topic. In the Summer we travel all the time and I want to be outside, not inside. That is my season that I really do not work on much of the things that I seem to overwhelm myself with in the FAll through the Winter. I cook a whole lot more in the Winter. I don't know why. To help you get in the mood to cook, try turning on the Food Network channel really loud then start cooking! It's the only way I like to cook:)