Lamp Redo....

We've had these two cheap target lamps since we first moved in together. We didn't even pay anything for them; we found them on the side of the road near our apartment.  I wasn't really loving them in our new living room but floor lamps are not cheap! (and we needed 2) so we decided to make due for now.

I picked up a can of Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint and went to town....

Big difference in only about 10 minutes....but they still looked like well, cheap target lamps.
These shades that came with the lamps I bought for our bedroom....but I hated them on those lamps and had already bought other shades - these were just sitting in our basement.

They look a little odd when they are illuminated since you can still tell the plastic shade is inside.  It's good enough for now though; and much improved for the minimal $5~$6 spray paint cost.

Have you completed any dirt cheap make-overs recently?


  1. Ah- I have to see your house in person! It looks so darling. And when I see your yard, all I can think is how perfect it is for a lab :)

  2. Great idea! I am going to do this to my cheap target lamp this weekend. I might just take mine from silver to a soft white though. I think the dark black would stand out too much in our house.


  3. Now I am really buying this stuff. I knew of someone that painted all their door knobs and door hinges with that oil rubbed bronze spray paint. Cheaper than buying all new door knobs and hardware. She said it didn't rub off either.

    I love what you did with the lamp!