Tricks and Tips...

I love when the New Year rolls around and we get lists.  Lists of everything, best, worst, funniest, you name it....and I love lists and nothing brings them on like the end of a decade.

This list happened to be 50 New Uses for Old Things - there were a lot of 'eh' things, like putting sunglasses in mittens so they don't get scratched, but I'm bringing you my highlights.


Attach a key and money (if needed) to a binder clip which you can secure to your shorts/pants while walking and/or running.  I hate having to carry my keys with me!


When repainting, cover doorknobs in tinfoil to avoid any accidental messes.


Spray down your shovels with cooking spray (it said use a healthy dose) and supposedly snow and slush will slide right off instead of sticking to your shovel.  I'm definately going to try this in the next storm.


When packing, place shoes in old shower caps to avoid getting the rest of your clothes dirty.  I don't have 'old' shower caps but I think they can be had for mere pennies.

All images from original list here.

Do you have any good tricks/tips to share?


  1. New uses for old things are my favorite types of lists! Thanks for the highlights. Happy new year!!

  2. I love this! I always take shower caps from hotel rooms.

  3. Holy cow, I love those ideas! Don't have many of my own to share, but I do use a binder clip to keep the toothpaste tube rolled down as we use it. Can't imagine how society ever functioned without the binder clip!

  4. These are great :-)

    Cute blog lady, I will be following!

    Happy New Year!