Christmas Cookie Bake-Off - Installment 2

Task : Christmas Cookie Bake-Off for Work
Installment 1

After letting the cake balls cool for what I deemed an appropriate time, I decided to melt the chocolate.  Last time I did this the chocolate was really thick.  I tried to thin it using milk - FAIL.  I tried to thin it using water - FAIL.  I used the thick chocolate and got extrememly frustrated. 
So I called in back-up....my mom.  Her trick - to throw in a chunk of wax (typically used for canning).  It thins the chocolate and also makes it shiny ;)
It worked like a charm, those spoon thingys I registered for also worked beautifully.

I went with a highly studied drop and plop technique....

....where you drop in the ball, and plop some melted chocolate on top.  Quite precise :)

I got the hang of it after a while...

Et voila!

Alas, I didn't win.  But I got quite a few compliments.  The judge questioned whether they were really 'home-made'.  She said they looked store bought- so I think thats why I lost.  And the winner was BROWNIES....which I think should have been promptly DQ'd since it was a cookie contest.  I like to think I got 'best in show'....and the judge took one for the road (only cookie she took to go) so I'm pretty sure it was rigged.

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  1. I agree. Completely rigged. You can't win a cookie contest with brownies. Just wrong.