Happy New Year!!

I've accomplished a lot this decade.  I'll give you the condensed version :)

-Learned how to drive.
-Went on my first cruise.
-Went to London.
-Graduated HighSchool.
-Lived abroad in Italy and travelled around Europe until I had no more monies.
-Happened to be in Rome the night the Pope died.
-Went to Africa.
-Graduated College.
-Moved in with a boy.
-Got my first 'real' job.
-Started paying my own insurance and cell phone bills :(
-Skiied out west and drank my share to keep those in Napa Valley employed.
-Got engaged and planned a wedding.
-Got married. (to the same boy that taught me how to drive stick all those years ago).
-Changed my name.

And now I'm off to do bigger and better things in the next decade.....Have a Safe and Merry New Year!

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  1. Love your recap of the past decade! Hopefully this decade will bring you a dog and more time to play with your new camera! YAY!