it is not me....

I have google alerts set up to monitor my name/business/etc. The spelling of my first name is not a common way of spelling it, so I don’t get too many un-related hits. There is, however, a plus size model – whose name is exactly the same as mine. Typically she’s a good girl and her photos are pretty. But apparently she’s down on her luck because I got a hit today which included my, her, our? name and a number of graphic keywords from mstrbate dot com (no I didn’t click on the link).

Just in case you were concerned, it is not me.

Do you share your name with anyone?


  1. Ha - that's unfortunate! I have the same name as a well-known author, so I don't even bother searching my name because I'm not in the first umpteen pages of google searches and alerts are never about me! :) Hope your name-alike turns things around soon and gets back to... reasonable... photos!

  2. Ha! That is unfortunate, but also hilarious. I hope you don't get a lot of emails asking about it. :)