Happy *Early* Holidays....

I had a few spare minutes over the weekend (and by spare I mean, time acquired by procrastinating the finish any of the other projects I had already started), and decided to whip up a few potential Christmas card designs.  I'm trying to be really proactive about getting our cards out early this year, since I never got around to sending out 'We've Moved' cards and I want people to know our new address (because getting snail mail is my favorite thing ever).

Design [A] : Bow

Design [B] : Ribbon

I may still make some tweaks to the colors, or completely change it up....only time will tell.
I think we'll probably end up with Option [B] since the boy thinks Option [A] is a little sexist, but then again he wont see or sign them before they go out, and would likely never know.....

Which is your favorite?


  1. I agree with the boy on Option A, but I also agree with your rationale behind it!

    I love the second one!!

  2. I love the design of A but I like the wording on B. I like A but I agree it may be a bit sexist =]

  3. Oooh I love the ribbon design (b)! So so pretty!