Our house is getting GRILLZ....

It's been a while since I posted about our house, things are progressing, but I have a problem where I never fully finish something and therefore never take pictures.  Examples to include: Island that is still missing hardware, striped stair railing that needs new paint, kitchen that still needs paint on 1 wall, half done molding in the bedroom, half built wreath on the living room floor....
I could go on, I get so excited about new projects and then the old ones just seem 'eh'.  This weekend is dedicated to finishing SOME of the projects...and cleaning.  I have an overwhelming urge to purge.

Anyways, I know Christmas hasn't even rolled around yet, but I'm already planning out our spring to-do list.  I've been LOVING glossy black front doors recently, and really want for my own. 
This is the current state of the exterior.
This is what my glossy black front door might look like :
(Plus, we have to buy a cute new knocker since the previous owners TOOK it, and left two holes in the front door - awesome right?)
Okay, clearly I cannot add another color to the exterior scheme, plus EW! baby blue trim needs to GO! (what were they thinking?) and we might as well match the shutters to the door since evergreen and yellow combo isn't really my thing either.

Much better already right?
And maybe a little detail would help the situation.  The windows are actually good quality windows, that tilt in for washing (bonus) so we don't want to replace them, but they are boring, and I want to add grillz.

No, not those kind :)

See, more character right?
And while we are at it.....
Lets help out that lawn situation a bit (boy job).
And ideally, there will be some hydrangea bushes in my future.

What do you think? 
Minimal investment for increased curb apeal?  Or do you like the evergreen/baby blue combo?

*Please excuse my photoshop skills, I really do know how to use the program, but I made these in all of 5 minutes while waiting for something at work :)


  1. It looks SO good!! I love the black AND the grills!!

  2. I just painted our doors shiny black before the cold weather descended upon us a few weeks ago. And then we found some black shutters on Craigs List and hung them last week. I'm loving classic black right now!

  3. Once you go black... you never go back!!! :P
    I love the black. We are planning on painting our door gloss black as well. So maybe if you do yours first... I can take some tips from you.

    Curb appeal is really important and the black definitely makes your house "Pop" and it's probably different than the houses on your street.
    DO IT!!!! (and get rid of the baby blue trim is a good idea)
    Can't wait to see the final product!

  4. Totally love it. Do it. And good luck finishing those projects this weekend- I do the same thing! urg.

  5. I definitely am all for the painting project. I like the idea of black, but wanted to suggest a color called Charleston Green. It's unique to Charleston, SC and is found all over the city, mostly on shutters. The story I always heard was that black paint was heavily taxed by the British, so colonists mixed in some yellow. The result was a slightly green black. I think it will compliment the yellow a touch better than black black. Inky/midnight blue would look good too.

    Here are some links about Charleston Green. Good luck!!



    (This roof is Charleston Green)

  6. I think your photoshop skills are mad awesome and I LOVE what you've "done" with the place! Black door + grills + hydrangea's = amazing house!!

  7. @ Ellie - Thank you for your suggestion! I was thinking of that color (not knowing what it was called) before my crush on black. I'm going to rethink my options now :)

  8. I'm all about a classic black. Your mock-up looks fantastic!

  9. Love the black! I would paint the stairs black to!!