Free Dining Room Chairs....

Scene : Me on the couch, snuggled in blankets watching Christmas movies.
The phone rings, it’s my mom. 
Me : ‘Hi, whats up?’
Mom : ‘Are you still in bed?’
Me : ‘No….but I’m not dressed yet.’
Mom : ‘Okay, well remember those molded plastic chairs you saw at an auction two years ago?’
Me : ‘Yes…..the ones that were sitting in the corner of the room where the hot dogs were’ (I’ve since realized it’s very sad that I map things by their proximity to food)
Mom : ‘Well Mr. X just bought 40 of them for $5, do you want me to go see if I can buy a few for you?’
Me : (Sitting up now) ‘Yes!  How many do you think we can get?  What colors do they have?’
Mom : ‘There is a yellow and an orange.  Do you want me to take a picture?  How many do you want? 4?’
Me : ‘Sure, see if you can get 4 orange ones.’
Mom : ‘Okay bye’.
Me : ‘Bye’
Me : ‘WAAIT’

Mom : ‘Yes’.
Me : ‘I want 6, see if you can get 6.’
Well, I got 6 – for $10.  I was a little surprised at first since Mr. X paid $5 total for all 40 that he would charge my mom $10 for 6, but she offered him $10 so she could go through the stack and pick out all the best ones (she’s a thinker).  BUT THEN, my mom decided to buy an office (not the actual building just all the furniture inside it).  [Sidenote: they were at an auction for a furniture manufacturer going out of business that has been based in my hometown for a very very long time].  She bought the whole office because my dad needed more file cabinets? and Mr. X (the same Mr. X who bought the chairs) was eyeing the file cabinets and said that he could use one of those.  She said $10 and you can have one – he said ‘Here’s your $10 back’.  So I *think* the chairs were technically free!

Short Version : We have chairs for the dining room.  Yay!  They look very similar to the molded plastic Eames chairs, but I haven’t seen them in person yet to confirm their origins.  And the picture my mom sent seems to look exactly like a certain classic and will never go out of style Hermes orange.

Poor lighting cell phone pic from my mom

Maybe something like this? (above)

And I'm thinking that the hutch I picked up here, would get painted Farrow & Ball Mouse's Back (like the cabinets in the photo below) with a Hermes orange interior to let all the white china that is inside really pop.

I'm excited to have some type of plan, even if it doesn't pan out -
What do you think?


  1. So AWESOME!! We have some white ones we love.

  2. whoaa..
    Good chair...
    I think I will like it..
    I have one more idea to be sued in your kitchen. That is re-modelling your file cabinet.