Dear Santa .... Round Two

cont. from previous list :)

A Parking Spot @ Work 

Seriously, this would make me so happy.  I HATE taking the T and bus.  I hate always having a cold because people are always coughing/sneezing on me.  I hate waiting and waiting for them to show up.  I miss listening to the radio and not having other people's sweat drip onto me in the summer.

Medium to Large Puppy with Big Feet or Floppy Ears (preferably both)

and obviously puppy accessories :)


P.S. Did you have one of your naughty/nice henchman driving my bus today?  The driver looked very much like your namesake although not as large or as jolly, this leads me to believe that he was maybe a first cousin?  Anyways,  if he doesn't report back to you regarding my naughty/nice status, I always offer open seats to the elderly and injured before I sit down. He just might have had trouble seeing that since the bus was so crowded (ref. gift #1).


  1. This post is so cute :) The last puppy, the Westie, is freakin' adorable and makes me miss my family doggies (also Westies) that live w/ my parents.

  2. You make me laugh! If you're looking for a puppy, I vote schnauzer. Get yourself a standard on the smaller size, or a mini on the larger size. Our model is a giant mini- small enough to pick up, large enough to keep hubby's masculinity intact while walking him. He is an instant anti-depressant when you get home from a bad day, as he practically jumps out of his skin he is so excited to see you. Second best feature: NO SHEDDING!

  3. Cutest puppies ever. I want a puppy now.