Hairbows or Bowties?

Time is REALLY flying by, I cannot believe that tomorrow is the day that we find out our Little One's gender!  I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much just in case they cannot tell, or if baby is in a bad position.  We would be thrilled with either gender and are just hoping for a clean bill of health.  But it is super fun to wonder whether we will be buying hairbows or bowties.  (I really wanted to throw a gender reveal party with that as the theme but it was veto'd by hubs since our house is in a state of construction).

So, since my party was veto'd, I decided that we needed to make the reveal special in some other way.  Instead of having the ultrasound tech just announce the gender we decided that we would have her write it down and go out for a nice dinner and open it together there.  (We have heard really good things about 80 Thoreau if you are in the Boston area, and since its right up the road we figured it was a perfect candidate!)
If you know me at all, you know that having the tech scribble down the gender on a plain piece of white paper would just not cut it.  a) I would totally find a way to peek through the envelope and b) it wouldn't be a very cute addition to baby's memory book.  So, last weekend I whipped up these 'Gender Reveal' cards.  The size is about 5x5 (so they can include a photo of the 'distinguishing parts' if they can get one) and the envelope is a dark navy to prevent peeking :)

Since it is always fun to guess anyways, I found a few 'gender predictions' from Sara's blog and here is how they stack up for our Little One.

Chinese Calendar (based on mother’s age & month of conception) – GIRL (according to the bump calendar) / BOY (according to two other calendars)

Heartbeat (faster than 140bpm = girl; slower than 140bpm = boy) – GIRL (163bpm @ 12 weeks, high 150's @ 16 weeks)

Morning sickness (very sick = girl; not so sick = boy) – BOY

Skin (breakouts = girl; clear skin = boy) – GIRL

Leg hair growth (no more than usual = girl; lots of growth = boy) – GIRL

Cravings (sweet = girl; salty = boy) – GIRL

Feet (hot = girl; cold = boy) – BOY? I’m always cold though

Bump position (high & wide = girl; low & centered = boy) – I still have a rather small bump, so I figure that means it is evenly distributed and therefore think GIRL

Breast growth (lots of growth = girl, not much = boy) – BOY

Mayan calendar (if mother’s age at conception and year or conception are both even/odd = girl; if one is even and one is odd = boy) – GIRL (27 and 2011)

Sympathy weight (if your husband gains weight during pregnancy = girl; if he doesn’t = boy) – GIRL (sorry hun)

Ring test (ring swings back & forth = girl; ring swings in a circle = boy) – I forgot to do this one.

most unflattering and awkward photo of me ever, at 18 or 18.5 weeks

SO, what do you guys think?  Will we be buying hairbows or bowties?!


  1. EEK! I'm so excited...and torn. Since all the indicators above say girl, I'll say girl.

    But having spent many a Saturday buying outfits at Janie and Jack for my nephews, I have to say that some of the boys' clothes are so darn cute and I hope you have a boy!

  2. Ahh! So exciting! Those little reveal cards are super cute. I'm going to guess a girl! Can't wait to hear what you find out :)

  3. You should definitely be selling those reveal cards, I would DEF buy one for the next baby!!

    You look amazing!

    Annnnnnd I am guessing girl, since I know so many boys, we need more girls in the world :)

  4. I love it!! And I love the sticker on the envelope. I may need you to help me with one of these someday! :) Congrats and can't wait to hear!

  5. I'm going to guess boy. Only because it seems like it is a boy year :-)

  6. Ah! I have no idea, but I'm so excited either way. I cannot WAIT to find out!

  7. So exciting! The cards are so cute. I'll put an a guess for girl, too.

  8. Girl! But only because that's what I'm having. :)

  9. Oh, so exciting!! I'm guessing boy for you too. Your symptoms sound a lot like mine. I can't wait for you to find out! It's such a wonderful feeling knowing - it really makes it real. I hope you'll share the news soon!

  10. This is so fun! I bet the Ultrasound Techs get a kick out of all the ways couples want to find out. The cards are such a cute idea. It's too funny that all those "tests" put you at about 50/50 too- If all those gender predictions cant come up with an answer I'm not gonna try! lol

  11. love your blog

  12. Hey Chelsey,

    Awww bless, hope everything wen well and you are now enjoying motherhood. Hope you come back to blogging soon, we miss you xx