We May be House Poor but....

Today we put an offer in on a house.  There is only a slim chance I think we'll get it, so I'm not going to get you all excited by posting pictures here....yet.  Offer is good until 5pm Wednesday so if you love me you will cross your fingers, toes, and other possible extremities until that time.  Thanks.

If our offer is accepted we will be what is commonly known as 'house poor'.  That means no more foodie explorations with friends, packing lunches for work each day and probably filling a nice house with crappy/cheap furniture.  However, staying in wont be SO bad because did I mention my husband learned to cook?  Apparently if you refuse to cook for long enough they will actually learn to do it themselves to keep from starving.  One of my favorite dishes recently is below, and was a total improv.  We dubbed it 'Southwestern Shrimp Salad'.

Details: Sauteed Peppers and Corn on a bed of mesclun greens topped with warm shrimp and crispy onion strips.  (Oh yes, did I mention I bought him a deep-fryer for valentines day?  Best idea ever.) Tossed with a balsamic vinaigrette (also handmade).

So Ladies - wondering how you can get your husband to cook for you?

1. Avoid cooking for 2-3 years while living together.
2. Start a side-business so you can 'work and make $$ for US' while he cooks.
3. Purchase deep-fryer.
4. Subscribe to food and wine magazine.
5. Buy him other 'foodie' accessories as gifts: micro-zester, french-press, mandoline, etc.
6. #5 can be repeated as many times as necessary.


  1. I'm super lucky because my husband actually loves to cook, and he's pretty darn good at it. He's suggested a deep fryer a few times, but the last thing I need is to add fuel to my fried-pickles addiction. :)